Breaking down and Making and FS sader (cause I like helping folks)...

Discussion in 'Crusader' started by SonowRaevius, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. SonowRaevius Azure Fox

    Please tell me what I need to do good with this sub-class. It was this or a monk and I just feel like this would be a better use of my time at this moment.
    What skills, equips, and OV sets should I be after?

    Edit:I hate typos I maent "an" not "and"
  2. Go look Bucktoothbob's guide, it's really crusader newbie friendly and it goes in depth as well.
  3. SonowRaevius Azure Fox

    I saw his OV guide, but does he have another. Sorry if I am wasting your time .
  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    It's stickied at the top of this entire section...........
  5. SonowRaevius Azure Fox

    So it is...

    I actually don't usually pay stickies much mind, but will in the future. Thank you.
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