Brawler(M) In-Depth Skills Analysis

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  1. So I'm gonna throw this out here so it stops nagging me every time I try falling asleep.

    PURPOSE: To create an up to date set of information regarding the inner workings of M. Brawler's moves to helps all players improve their skills with this character.

    WHAT I MEAN BY "IN-DEPTH": The game provides a skill description for every skill, and if you read it all you can get a pretty good sense of what each move does. However, there are things that those descriptions don't or can't describe, things you come to learn only by using the skills. As an example that most people probably know, here is the description provided for Needle Spin:
    "Throws a needle. Enemies hit by the needle take damage and start Bleeding."
    That's a loose interpretation, but ok. Over in the "Option Descrition" tab, you'll get to see some metrics about the skill and find some important piece of information about there being 10 hits. But nowhere does the game tell you that you can cancel the move early by pressing the jump button. Or that you can increase the speed at which the hits are applied by mashing the attack button/skill key. You might discover this on your own through randomness while running dungeons. Or by learning from another player (aka: reading Dowiet's pre-global guide). These are the types of things I feel should be made more visible, and what this thread is all about.

    HOW IT WORKS: There will be information posted about each of the skills M. Brawler can use. As a community effort, we can all contribute (via thread conversations) to agreeing upon the workings of the skills and test out some specifics of how the moves work. Intermittently, I'll update the combined info here, and also update the relevant skill page on the DFO Wiki (or another wiki member could beat me to it, whatever works).

    MY REASON FOR MAKING THIS: I might be wrong, but from what I've seen the info on this game as a whole is either all in Korean/Chinese or is obscenely outdated and incomplete (looking at the wiki makes me think of an old codex with half the pages missing...and the other half are moth eaten). I also see people always asking the same types of questions: "Is [x] a good skill?", "What weapons should I be using?". This boards' posts haven't been numerous, but if there's no one to answer your questions it could be tedious searching through previous conversations from years ago to try and find out what you want. With the official release, this feels like the perfect time to get things all sorted out. I feel like having to rely on this current combination of outdated and hard to find info could chase new players away, and I ain't for seeing this game close again before I've at least had time to properly play it this time around.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: This could be part of a larger M. Brawler guide at some point. If Dowiet and some other skilled old players would like to help out updating Dow's old one at some point.

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  2. Common Skills
    Base Class Skills
    High Kick

    Hammer Kick

    Low Kick


    Knee Kick

    • The shock wave hit of the attack (when the enemy hits the ground) will come out despite hitting the enemy in between the "grab" part of the attack and the time it takes for the enemy to hit the ground.
    • The shockwave damage does not stack if multiple Knee Kicks are used within the same juggle.
    Seismic Punch

    Air Walk

    • After the first stomp of this attack, you are free to use any other aerial option you have (movement left/right/up/down, air attack, Tornado Kick, etc). However, if you use anything other than the second stomp of this attack, the second stomp becomes unavailable until the skill comes off cooldown again.
    • The first stomp of this attack has a tendency to break Super Armor.
    • After both hits, you retain the initial jump momentum you had before using Air Walk, even if you decide to switch completely switch directions and go back towards where you started your jump. Though if you miss the second hit, you will fall straight down.


    List of attacks you can crouch under (PvE):
    • Glassfey
      • Milion Prism: charging attack
      • Trillion Prism: spinning attack
    • Murkey Glassfey
      • Bleak Dingle: dark orb attack
      • Rummer: uppercut punch attack
      • Dark Rummer: uppercut punch attack
    • Ringwoood Underground Penitentiary
      • Survivor Chibuka: breath attack that inflicts sleep
    • Mushroom Garden
      • Clown Fungra: heatbutt
      • Great Fungra: poison needle attack
      • Blackcap Bandit: all attacks
      • Kajin Shaito: all ground attacks
    • Salif, City of Spores
      • Slave Fungra: headbutt
      • Violent Plant: poison spit
      • Infected Fungra: all attacks
      • Madness Ant: green spit
    • Rotting Lot
      • Poison Stinger: poison needle projectile
      • Devolved Gelmar: dark breath
      • Black Moth: poison projectile (before it gets too close to the ground), claw swipe 1
    • Old Streets
      • Lycanthrope: all attacks
      • Raging Maister: lightning ball
      • Dark Gamme: shadow ball (before it hits the ground and explodes), Burning Spirits, death explosion
      • Oppressed Follower: launcher attack (only from the front)
      • Atar:
      • Survivor Chanel:
      • Sonic Wolf Nesshu: all attacks
      • Red Hand Busley:
      • [wolf head things in boss fight]: head extension attack
    • Chessboard of Despair
      • Von: sword swing
      • Gatekeeper: hammer swing (if you're not overlapping him)
      • Gold Biton: all attacks (even the jumping one)
      • Queen Clara: ?
    • Plant with the bouncing ricochet head (if you're not crouching where the head would land)
    • Bullets from the Kartel Soldiers.
    • The black flame attack from Dark Soul in AoA.
    • [MORE]???
    Pure Walk
    If something is in front of you on your x-axis (anywhere on the z-axis counts), you will stop short of the full travel distance.
    • Ex: When Black Pig BooWoo in Alter of Ascension jumps up, if you try to Pure Walk forward and he is "in front of you" on your x-axis, your walk will get cut short despite how he is all the way up off screen on the z-axis.
    • Ex: If you are right on top of an enemy (say right after a Mount/Raging Vulcan), if you use Pure Walk, unless you're off to the left or right side of the enemy, you probably won't go anywhere since their hurtbox is still in the way of your x-axis.

    Iron Physique

    Tiger Chain Strike

    Having a point in this makes your dash attack (shoulder bump) skill cancellable to most other basic attack cancellable moves, not just cancellable to Tiger Chain Stirke. This means you can use many attack cancellable skills out of a dash attack (ex: Explosive Hook, Brick Toss, High Kick, etc.) instead of having to wait for that long recovery period to end.
    • Net Throw and Sticky Ball don't work.
    Tiger Roar

    Nen Shot

    Sand Splash

    The tip of the Sand Splash (furthest point from your foot) has the best chance of hitting things low to the ground.*

    Tornado Kick
    • You are immediately free to take any aerial action after the move ends.
    • Despite how the move stops you in place, you retain your aerial momentum from your initial jump, regardless of how you end the move.
    • Unknown if there's a method to controlling which side the enemy flies off to.
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  3. Brawler Skills

    • You are not immune to poison, just have a higher resistance to it than other classes.
    • Do you also take less damage when you do become poisoned?
    • Because there's a small gap between the cooldown time of the throwing items and the time it takes for Auto Load to kick in, if you end up tring to use a throwing item move before Auto Load kicks you'll end up manually activating the the move's full charges again.
    • This move is Basic Attack Cancelable (the game doesn't list it as so).
    • When using the strengthened version, despite it's lack of damage the initial explosion of poison can "hit" enemies and possible interrupt their movement.
    • Depending on which side of the cask explosion enemies were on, they will move either towards or away from you.
    • Getting hit before actually throwing the item uses the charge of Strengthened Throw and puts the item toss on cooldown, but does not use any charges of the item.
    • If you're planning on auto attacking, be mindful of the differences between the normal and strengthened versions of Poison Throw and Block Throw and only strengthen them when appropriate. The greatly delayed damage times of both strengthened versions and the lack of direct damage on Strengthened Poison Throws could cause problems at close range.
    General Description
    : M. Brawler throws a needle in a straight line in front of him that causes damage and has a chance to inflict bleed to any enemy it hits. The needle also deals a decent amount of hit stun, though this increased hit stun can be resisted like a status (so only normal hitstun would apply). Strengthened Needle Throw is a spread shot of 4 needles thrown out in a cone shaped area.

    Hitbox Analysis:
    • Both versions of this move extend a bit into the z-axis in both directions (up and down). This means you can use Needle Throw to hit enemies that naturally low or are knocked down on the ground, or flying in the air [about half a M.Fighter's above his head] .
    • The x-axis hitbox of this move is just about 7/8 full screen (testing in training mode, walls aren't really the leftmost/rightmost part of the screen). The x-axis distance is the same for both versions of the move.
    • Take note that the hitbox of each needle pretty closely matches it's visible position. So when using strengthened throw, enemies directly in front of you will not be hit because the middle 2 needles spread slightly above and below that 180 degree line. This also means that the top and bottom needles in the spread shot have a shorter x-axis range than the middle 2 needles do. (Bring out your inner Twisted Fate! :keke:).
      • Hitbox comparison of Strengthened Neelde Throws vs. Strengthened Net Throw?
    • The hitbox of a normal needle throw starts closer to M.Brawler's body than the strengthened version. It can't hit as closely in front of you as Poison Throw, but it's less strict about the spacing then the strengthened version's distance.
      • [Move later] All throwing items: if you’re close enough the enemy comes back towards you instead of being pushed away. The distance differs per throwing item. Poison toss is easiest -> needle throw -> block throw.
    Additional Notes:
    • This move is Basic Attack Cancellable (the game doesn't list it as so)
    • On causing bleed, a bleed tick is applied every 0.5 seconds (6 ticks over a 3 second period).
    • Aerial enemies hit by Needle Throw will fall quickly to the ground (if they were already falling, then more quickly), so you can't use neeldes to juggle like with poison flasks and bricks.
    • When using Strengthened Needle Throw, if you have less than 4 charges, you use up all of your remaining charges and still throw out 4 needles.
      • Tip: For maximum needle efficiency, try to reduce your needle charge count to 1 before using your last Strengthened Needle Throw. This becomes easy with Thousand Hands Lvl 13 since you get 17 charges for 5 free strengthened Needle Throws.
    • Don’t be confused about the game’s description about the damage. When it describes anything about the “Multi-shot”, it is referring to the individual damage of each of the 4 needs in the strengthened version of the throw. This means that:
      • Even though each individual needle is 33% weaker on impact than the normal one, hitting the same enemy with at least 2 needles makes mans you're dealing more direct damage.
      • Every needle has it’s own individual chance of procing a bleed. -->
      • Super Pro Tip: In a certain range in front of you, it's possible to hit an enemy with all 4 needles. If all four of them proc a bleed, at higher levels this can cause up to around 100k bleed damage. Use this to kill bosses faster.
    • This move is Basic Attack Cancellable (the game doesn't list it as so)
    • You can hold back or forward before throwing the meteor in the strengthened version to have some control over where the meteor lands (one of 3 set locations: close, normal, far).
    • After the strengthened version of this move, you are free to take any action you want in the air on your way down. (Ex: You can air stall with Tornado Kick if you don't want land on an attack your enemy threw out under you).
    • The number of status effects on the grabbed enemy are calculated the instant you start the grab. So if a status ends during the punch windup, it still counts towards the damage increase.
    • The time frame for the grab to occur lasts as long as the "leaning down" animation.
      • So, though there is not much room for error, you do not have to be exact with your grab. If you initially miss, you can still end up grabbing an enemy that walks into the grab range or extends their hitbox into range trying to attack you.
    • If the enemy is grab-able, the mounting animation will force you to appear on the enemy's "front" side, regardless of your position or direction you were facing before the grab occurred. Grabbing a grab immune enemy will just cause you to start the grab cannon animation wherever you were when the grab happened.
      • The forced animation could lead to teleporting some distances if the enemy was far away and you just clipped their hurtbox. (Teleporting over walls?)
      • Tip: If you're stuck against a wall it may be possible to make an easy "escape" by grabbing an enemy that is facing towards center screen (though this would be a super rare situation). Additionally, this probably means you don't want to Mount an enemy near the edge of the screen facing away from center screen, but whatever the situation calls for.
    • The shockwave can hit aerial opponents. Overall it covers all the axes pretty well.
    • More z axis coverage with more statuses?
    • Try not to grab enemies that will die during the windup of the punch if you're relying on the shockwave to hit things. The move goes on cooldown once the grab registers or the grab animation ends, so if you don't get a chance to land the punch you'll lose the shockwave damage and still have to wait for the move to come off cooldown again.
      • There appears to be this small gap in time where if the grabbed enemy's HP hits 0 close enough to the punch, both you and the enemy's positions will return to standing, and the enemy will just stand there doing nothing at 0 HP. You need to hit the enemy with anything to kill it.
    • The hitbox stretches all the way into the z-axis (it will "hit"/affect things up in the air, potentially even offscreen).
    • The damage interval of this move occurs very quickly and is constant throughout the entire slide. That means it's almost impossible not to get all 3 hits in, unless you hit the enemy at the very end of the slide.
    General Description
    : You throw in front of you that travels forward, damaging and immobilizing enemies it hits in a cone shaped area in front of you. Enemies will only be immobilized if they fail the resistance check. The strengthened version has a different animation and makes you pull enemies towards you after throwing the net forwards.

    Additional Notes:
    • Targets immobilized by Net Throw in either of its forms have all direct damage amplified on them by 15% (they take 15% more damage from all non-DOT {poison/bleed} damage instances). This can be improved by the TP upgrade by 3% per TP skill level.
      • Tip: Try to hit immobilized enemies with Raging Vulcan before the immobilize wears off. Because of the way Raging Vulcan works, the immobilize status will count towards the damage increase if the immobilize wears off (see Raging Vulcan section), but the 15% direct damage amplification won’t apply because it is tied to the immobilize duration.
    • The strengthened version of Net Throw:
      • Costs 2 item charges
      • Has a slightly longer startup time than the normal version.
      • Has a slightly bigger x-axis hitbox and a smaller y-axis hitbox than the normal version.
    • Net Throw’s regular hitbox extends well into the z-axis, while its strengthened version's doesn't cover as much of the axis. It will only miss things that are ridiculously high up.
      • Does this differ from the start/end of the move considering the curvature of the net?*
    • Enemies hit by the strengthened version of Net Throw will be grouped in front of you near the wide end area of the net (unless there's a wall or another obstacle blocking movement). But they will only be pulled forward if they become immobilized.
    • When using the normal version of Net Throw, the damage and immobilize are dealt in accordance with where the net is (enemies closer to you will get hit earlier than those further away). This also applies to the z-axis, so enemies that are low to the ground or knocked down will be hit later than standing or aerial enemies. In comparison, the strengthened version affects everything in it’s range at the same time.
    • If you get hit while casting either version of Net Throw, the net will disappear. However, if you get after the first active frames of the Net Throw, in the case of the regular version the net will still travel forwards on its own, and in the case of the strengthened version the enemies will get grouped+immobilized, but not pulled.
    • If an immobilized enemy is hit by another Net Throw (either version), the immobilize duration will not reset (Is this the same for other immobilizes not caused by Net Throw?).
      • However, an immobilized enemy can be pulled by a strengthened Net Throw, contrary to normal cases where the immobilize causes enemies to stay in place until the status wears off, even if they’re hit with a move that causes them to move elsewhere (ex: F. Grappler’s Wild Cannon Spike).
      • It is also worth noting that if a Net Throw immobilized enemy is hit by a second Net Throw (either version), the damage amplication will stack to 30% (15% from the first + 15% from the second). Both amplification stacks will be removed once the immobilized ends, however.
    • This move has Super Armor.
    • Enemies don't have to get hit the by initial poison cloud explosion to get knocked down. They can (quite hilariously) walk into the dissipating cloud and still get knocked down.
      • This means you can stick this move out in front of you and use the cloud as a semi "safe-zone" for a bit of room to get out of tight spot (assuming the enemies around you can get knocked down). You might even be able manipulate enemies into following you into it by running through it if the timing is tight enough.
    • You have Super Armor throughout the duration of the spin, though there is a very brief time frame where you can get hit out of the move before the spinning starts.
    • You can cancel this move early by pushing the jump button.
    • You can increase rate at which the hits land by pushing the attack/skill button faster. There is a limit to how fast the skill can hit.
    • By doing the above, it is possible to lift enemies into the air from the standing position on the ground. (unsure if this also works on knocked down enemies)
    • There doesn't seem to be a way to slow the move down.

    • The game's current gif of the move lies. The 3 explosions don't happen sequentially from farthest to closest, but as: furthest, closest, middle.
    • Both the outer explosions (as well as the smaller rocks flying around) push hit enemies towards the middle area.
    • The explosions don't true combo into the falling rock. Hypothetically, if an enemy has a move with invincibility, they can activate it before the rock falls to "dodge" it. Though since you can move again before the rock starts falling, you may be able to prevent this.
      • Test: Stunned -> awakening -> re stun -> rock fall
    • You have Super Armor throughout the duration of this move.
    • It may be possible for you to get hit out of the move before it starts.
    • You have Super Armor during the casting animation
    • You have Super Armor while rising and while spinning the strings. You lose the Super Armor once you start falling.
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  4. Space holder
  5. Hey awesome work dude finally a good m brawler mini guide thats up to date. There seems to be hardly any information for this class X_X. Could you maybe make a guide on equipment as well?
  6. GaRgAnt

    Just about any epic claw is good besides Demon Rake: Ignore (lol translation) because males don't really need attack speed; Louise's Bloody Rake is incredible, but at the same Tarwe Zarich is probably better because of its boosts to Taunt and its insane status ailment decreasing passive. If possible, aim to acquire the Spider's Breath set, it boosts literally every status ailment you can inflict besides petrify and blind.

    EDIT: Also, I can work on writing up stuff for the skills, if you need any help.
    EDIT2: Huh, I guess I'll help now.
    Net Throw
    a.k.a. Heaven's Net's hotter sister

    Everybody knows about how awesome Heaven's Net is. However, everybody also knows about what a troll Heaven's Net can be. This is where Net Throw comes in, complete with all the trolling power and honestly more utility and damage. Here's some comparisons between the male and female version:

    - Net Throw is not a cube. Heaven's Net is, but as a throwing item with loaded charges, Net Throw is not, though the player has the ability to completely replicate the functionality of Heaven's Net for two charges of Net Throw via Strengthened Throw.
    - Net Throw's unstrengthened version does not pull, and does not instantaneously cover its area of effect. Referenced above, but directly stated here. The unstrengthened version has the user fling a net outward; the x-axis hitbox gradually advances with the sprite.
    - Net Throw does not offer invincibility frames in either of its forms. Heaven's Net gives i-frames on startup; sadly, probably due to Net Throw functioning as a throwing item, male brawlers do not have this functionality.
    - Net Throw's unstrengthened version has a massive z-axis hitbox; the strengthened version does not. Because of how the normal net is flung upward and then comes down, the net essentially can't miss airborne targets unless they're really high up (As in, off the screen up). The strengthened version, being Heaven's Net in functionality and hitbox (It has a slight advantage of scraping alone the ground) does not.
    - Targets snared by Net Throw in either of its forms have all direct damage amplified on them by 15%, improvable by the TP upgrade. Note that ailment damage is not amplified, but then again try to keep the snare active during the use of Raging Vulcan; the ailment will count towards a 20% bonus even if the snare fades during the windup, but the amplification, because it's tied to the snare duration, won't be. (The same goes for Explosive Hook, but Explosive Hook is less meaningful because it has such low base damage.) Also note that the TP upgrade increases amplified damage by 3% per level, which is rather inefficient, but has some uses depending on the player.

    One last thing: Net Throw is never affected by Double Throw, probably because of how hilariously broken it would be; I didn't note this above because it's probably not going to happen very often, but the damage amplification can stack twice. The snare duration is not refreshed if you do try to do this, but think about how utterly broken 30% free damage amplification could be for essentially the full duration of Net Throw's snare.
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  7. I'll do what I can, but I don't make any guarnatees on time efficiency. I'm super busy right now cuz I got a major deadline at work and I've taken on some other projects regarding this game (working on the wiki, finding out disassembly rates because I'm nerdy and hate not knowing things in such a controlled environment). As you can see I already missed my own deadline to get this thing at least formatted xP.
  8. So much yes GaRgAnt. This is a community effort. I'm turning this out to the boards because there's no way I have time to do this all myself [in any reasonable amount of time].
  9. GaRgAnt

    No problem, I've been itching to do some writeups for any of the various classes I play. How was my net throw explanation?

    FASTEDIT: Let me do something else real fast, just for kicks:

    Needle Throw
    a.k.a. what Hidden Stinger wishes it could've been

    So some of you may have seen the comic where Neople comes along and breaks the needles that our favorite wheelchair-bound brawler was using as a way to stay viable.

    Well, they're still good regardless, for various reasons (Poison Throw's strengthened form doesn't have impact damage and the unstrengthened version has a respectable impact but pathetic poison effect; Block Throw doesn't have a TP upgrade, and Net Throw has an annoyingly long throwing CD/reload time and you're not using it for damage in the first place) and if there's anything you should max the TP upgrade in, it should be Needle Throw. Here's some specifics:

    Unlike Hidden Stinger, Needle Throw actually has hitstun, lulz. In fact, the initial impact actually has a very long hitstun time, but sadly, the effect doesn't linger past the initial impact unlike Hidden Stinger. At the same time though, this make Needle Throw very important in the Tower of Despair; even if the majority of the APCs can't be bled, let alone stunned or snared, Needle Throw will put them in hitstun long enough for you to get breathing room or reposition for another attack.

    Needle Throw is reloaded the most out of all throwing skills, because four needles are consumed with every use of the Needle Shotgun. This particular point is made more relevant by the next one:

    Needle Throw is the only throwing skill where the strengthened version is strictly better than the non-strengthened one. Like, literally there is no reason (Unless you're doing the tables/ceramics quest on Runaway) to use normal Needle Throw; the hitbox is tiny, and the bleed is perfectly mediocre.

    Well, I lied. There is one reason. Because Needle Throw consumes four needles per throw, you want to make sure your needle count falls to one before you use Needle Shotgun again, because Strengthened Throw will essentially hand you free charges of the throwing skill if you were to have consumed more charges than you had left in the throwing skill's remaining reserve. This makes level 13 of Thousand Hands so particularly important; at that rank, you are given 17 needles in one reload, which means you can fire five Needle Shotguns without having to micromanage your needle count and save three needles automatically.

    Needle Throw will not strike targets immediately in front of the user. This is a flaw shared by all throwing items, but it's good to be reminded.

    The bleed effect is stronger on the strengthened version, even if the non-strengthened single needle is stronger than one of the strengthened ones. A bit counterintuitive, but hey.

    If a target(s) is in a specific zone in front of the user, all four of Needle Shotgun's projectiles will strike it and each needle has a chance to proc its own bleed chance. Absolutely incredible at killing bosses; the needles suffer a 33% penalty compared to the single needle thrown in the unstrengthened version, but when four of them are thrown that disadvantage is thrown out the window- hell, it was never a disadvantage in the first place as long as the targets hit bled, since the strengthened version's needles had a stronger bleed. At higher levels, all four bleeds can cause upwards of 100k ticks.
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  10. There's a lot of useful information in there, especially that stuff at the end about the double stacking damage amp. Those are the little gems that are cool to know about, even if they may not be that useful. Overall I'd say just keep keep doing what you feel like doing and don't be afraid to mention any little detail, because it sounds like you know the game well and can really provide the extensive information that should exist (like the all 4 needles hitting in your needle post). Also you gave me the idea of possibly having hitbox images, though that's a lot of work so probably not right away.
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  11. GaRgAnt

    How are you going to compile this stuff? I'm completely willing to let you copy-pasta the stuff I already have done, are you just going to aggregate it into your first few posts?
  12. I was thinking something along the lines of summarizing the interesting facts in each skill section based off of what the boards turned out in the discussions (yeah in the first few posts). Though, considering how inactive we seem to be in this section it could just end up being us. I have some time tonight so I'll try and get the net throw and needles updated to give an idea.
  13. GaRgAnt

    Just a quick note, I think you should group all the throwing items (Net, Needle, Poison, Block) into one section since they share a similar set of mechanics.
  14. Well, it took longer than expected so I only got Net Throw up. If anyone sees anything wrong, please let me know. Or if there's anything you'd like to add, or some question you might like to have answered, leave a comment here too. ANYTHING IS RED IS OPEN FOR TESTING.

    Sure I'll consider it. A minor detail we can work out later.
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  15. GaRgAnt

    Net Throw's strengthened version has a smaller y-axis coverage than the regular version. The regular version I believe has uniform coverage, judging from how I accidentally snared someone in midair when the touched the hooks at the end of the sprite, lulz.

    Anyways, here something else:

    Mount and Raging Vulcan
    a.k.a. Falcon Punch

    The female Raging Vulcan is essentially a minor cosmetic enhancement to normal Mount. Males, however, have both a different base Mount functionality (Mount only strikes three times but strikes very hard each time) and a more extreme Raging Vulcan alteration.

    As stated before, Mount for males only strikes three times. If you look at the ratios, though, you'll see that those three times are very hefty; at skill level 28, all three strikes deal 3824% apiece, and unlike the female version, all three strikes trigger shockwaves.

    Raging Vulcan for males is an extreme makeover- it transforms Mount into a single strike skill, but in exchange it alters the move in two ways to dramatically spike up the efficiency:
    - The single strike is multiplied in damage by 6.3 times the damage of a normal Mount attack
    - Mount now gains bonus damage per status ailment (20%), calculated on the time of casting

    In case you didn't catch that, Mount now strikes once, but that single strike is amplified in power by 630%. In other words, Mount's power actually more than doubles with Raging Vulcan's acquisition; in fact, this is pretty much the only reason to attempt reinforcement with a male brawler, but it's a damn worthwhile one. Also of note is the ailment amplification; this is is an additive increase, so you can possibly double Raging Vulcan's damage.

    There is my specific methodology for maximizing Raging Vulcan's possible damage output:

    1. Start with Explosive Hook; you don't need to Taunt for this step, because of Explosive Hook's high chance to burn and even higher burn time (15 seconds!!!), but you should definitely Taunt afterwards.
    2. Apply Net Throw. (Net Throw at higher ranks has an incredibly high snare time)
    3. Apply Block Throw.
    4. Apply Sand Splash or use Ground Tackle if you chose not to take Sand Splash.
    5. Use Sticky Ball.
    6 & 7. Use Poison Throw and Needle Throw.
    8. Mount.

    With this method, you've applied all 7 possible status ailments that a male brawler can inflict. That's an extra 140% damage, which is then multiplied by Net Throw's 15% bonus damage amplification, for a total of 66491.712% damage from that single strike.

    Calculations are:
    1. Single strike of Mount: 3824% (Skill level 28)
    2. Raging Vulcan multiplier: 630%; multiplied to Mount percentage, equaling 24,091.2%
    3. 7 status ailments applied; bonus damage totaling extra 140% (20% x 7), 140% of 24.091.2% = 33,727.28%
    4. Total (Before Net Throw's damage amplification ratio) 57,818.88%
    5. Final total after Net Throw damage amp (1.15x): 66,491.712%

    At this point, unless you have party members who can inflict more status ailments, you've essentially peaked your damage output from Mount.

    EXTRAEDIT: May it be known that Raging Vulcan does full damage when using it on grab-immune enemies, unlike the female variant.
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  16. So like the enemy was flying and the net falling below it, but it flew over where the hook was and got snared?

    Btw, really looking forward to going through the rest of these moves. I mean the rest aren't as key as as the ones you already wrote about, but honestly just learning about the net's damage amplification and the 4 hits of needle throw increased my average AoA run time by 30 seconds (~2:30 -> ~2mins). I'm just wondering what other stuff's gonna come to light.
  17. To anyone who might actually care (*haha*): I'm still planning on continuing this, but as things sometimes go I've had to focus on other things for a while. Hopefully should be able to put my efforts back into this by next weekend. Also, apparently the boards don't show thread updates based on edits, so there's could be a few more things in there since last time anyone looked at it.
  18. One thing I've noticed playing my mount-focused M.Brawl (Rule Break pls come soon :()

    If you use Mount on a stunned enemy, it will immediately clear the stun. It'll still count as an extra 20% damage due to the time the calculation works (you've already written that part in), but if you're going for holding rather than Vulcan, it's something important to note.
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  19. Everspace I will murder your family

    Put this shit on the wiki!

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