Bloody Cross TP upgrade, is it worth it? (Spreadsheet)

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  1. madchickins Zhu c 666


    EDIT: This post is now outdated don't refer to this spreadsheet anymore
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  2. Grandarex sure

    Any idea what the HP threshold improvement is? That was the big selling point for me when I picked up this TP.

    It's just raises the minimum hp threshold of phase 1. It doesn't affect phase 2 or 3 so with the tp upgrade, phase 1 is 31%-60%, phase 2 is 21%-30%, phase 3 is <20%.

    You probably shouldn't get the tp upgrade tho, as seen in the data above.
  4. but the strength gain
    it's about 200+ with 9 pieces. isn't that something to look at?
  5. madchickins Zhu c 666

    it's 200+ str with either 6 or 9 pieces. It's basically 1 TP point for 23-26 strength + 1.2% movespeed. Like a chinese convenience store where you have to pay minimum 5 TP to use your credit card or you cant buy anything.
  6. Saturn

    Looking at the data at the bottom, with all your gear included, 9pc blood reaper and so on, at phase 3 bloody cross the TP is giving you 223 strength on top of your 2788 strength. That's an overall damage increase of 7.34%. What else are you putting 5 TP into that's increasing your overall damage output more than that?

    Fully buffed and decently geared, you will have 5k+ strength so that translates to an overall increase of 4.1%-4.4% at phase 3 and with 9 piece blood reaper. Without 9 piece blood reaper, there isnt much point in even considering getting the ex. Also, it's difficult to remain in phase 3 and I usually hover around phase 2 and 3 because of diehard. Bloody cross ex isn't that bad, there just isn't enough tp to go around.

    Disclaimer: Despite what I said above, I do sometimes pick up bloody cross ex depending on the dungeon. For example, most ov3 bosses and minibosses can't be grabbed so this frees up tp from bloodlust ex allowing room for bloody cross. There isn't a optimal build that works for every dungeon, and with free sp resets, you should consider changing your build depending on the dungeon you are doing.
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