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  1. KingKupo

    this list is based only on what I've read

    1. Wizards staff / rabi rod( with dark gothic )
    2. Shining int
    3. Shepards rod
    4 liberation staff
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  2. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Wizard Staff isn't in the same house as DG Rabi.

    Salvation Staff ≥ Salvation Rod ≥ (Old) Rabinetta Rod ≥ Rabinetta Rod > Salvation Pole ≥ Shining Int ≥ Wizard Staff > Shepard Rod ≥ Salvation Spear > Liberation Staff ≥ Liberation Rod

    This is a list copy-pasted from Namu Wiki. I'm not sure why Shining Int is ranked higher since Wizard does more damage. But it might be taking Crusader into mind.
  3. KingKupo

    Thanks for a more detailed list, I thought shining only out beats wizards if u go LSA maybe that's why? Also is that list true even without DG for rabi rod
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  4. manny3574 The Feral Hunter

    im pretty sure that its in the same ball park as rabinetas
  5. I thought the tier list went (Old) Rabi Rod > Savior Staff = Rabi Rod > Wizard Staff = Shining Int (btw, Wizard staff is better than Shining Int if you have 100% m.crit rate. That includes wearing LSA set) > Shepherd Rod > Liberation Staff. Don't bother looking at poles/spears. This is especially true if you're wearing Dark Gothic. You're not going anywhere in pub raids besides Naval (the easiest dungeon where they throw lower geared people) if you're wearing LSA.

    Edit: Perhaps Shining Int got a little bit better with the new Gracia Set over there in KDnF and it's way easier to hit 100% m.crit with that weapon.
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  6. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    With Dark Goth? No.

    It's probably something like that. Also, since Korean end game meta puts Crusader as a given, stuff that buffs magic attack is less desired than stuff with other effects (elenore, additional elemental damage, etc). For example Mana Burn set also hits extremely hard, but it doesn't scale as well with a Crusader as Dark Goth.

    You can go beyond Naval in LSA (especially if you have something stronger than Liberation), but you will probably be put at Naval.

    This is taking into account Dark Goth. It's the BiS set for Bomber. For reference, since I am going for shadow off chronicle which is various legendaries and Darkness Low Sash until I get enough Dark Goth pieces to run that, Rabinetta would be stronger than Shining Int.
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