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  1. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

    655 do understand that it's impossible to answer your questions without posting proper setups?
    It's impossible to say what Gems are you gonna use for SQ/NG sets unless you post Weapon/Accessories/Sub-Equip as well as Elemental Damage enchants you're using.
    Same thing with what Infinite Avarice accessories to use.

    Infinite Source of Avarice is not worth it even without Lv.90 Epics, unless you've already upgraded all other Avarice items and got yourself usable Savior. Obviously, it's even less worthy when Lv.90 Epics are added.
  2. Yarai

    So what skill range should we getting for creatures if we have one for derange swap already? 15-20? This is for olympus
  3. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

  4. My berserker is about to be 86 and I'm considering investing into him. Can someone show me their preferred skill build? Currently I have everything maxed except Gore Cross (0), Burst Fury (1), Blood Ruin (0), Bloody Twister (1), and Diehard (dump, currently level 3).

    I don't know if Diehard is worth prioritizing for the strength at later levels and if I'm maxing something that shouldn't be. I use a mist katana currently and is it worth it to use katana mastery even though the class is mostly fixed? Is it mostly a waste of points? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

    Sorry about not answering to your post - didn't think there was a reason to post my build for Lv.86 cap when we're getting Lv.90 cap. I'll post mine after maintenance is over.

    Getting one point in Blood Ruin isn't such a bad idea.
    Diehard as a STR buff isn't that important - it's nice to have, but it's a buff stat increase, not a Town stat increase. So with perfect Derange swap and Sader in your party you wouldn't notice the huge difference by using Diehard for STR increase. Although I still get 1 TP in it and use it whenever I can.
    Katana Mastery is kinda useless, yeah - it doesn't increase your Frenzy XXX attacks that much, so you'd better invest your SP in something else. The only case where you'd use Weapon Mastery is Byeollungum - Zanbato Mastery (just like any Weapon Mastery) also increase your Hit Rate.
  6. Ah, thanks for the help. Thanks for the berserker gearing guide as well that you wrote - I frequently check it. I know that blood ruin is useful for its holding ability so I'll move some sp around to give it one point during group content but otherwise I hate using it which is why I abandoned its ass. I hit 86 before maintenance and my next priority will be 6pc Brutal Madman. Would you think it's still worth it to get 9pc Blood Reaper even with 90 cap? I have submarine volcano belt so I'm considering a fire build even though gracia is obv the go-to good set.

    Also do you think it would be worth it to pick up a giant nugol form still? I saw some for only 40m yesterday and had to fight myself to not buy it. I haven't done any research on new gear with 90 cap but for a fixed damage class I would think nugol is still a great choice.
  7. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

    Well, I do admit that Blood Ruin is mostly useless in farming - its only use is for Anton Normals/Raid and some of Luke bosses.
    Aiming for 9pc Blood Reaper is okay, but it might become a chore - you'll probably have to buy like 1 or 2 last pieces with Interdimensional Fragments. Although it's still good until you get 6pc Gracia (or anything good from Hell Mode).
    SV Belt is pretty much a Fire Damage Magic Stone, only in Belt slot. Even if Fire Damage build is a no go for Luke Raid, it's still great to use for now.

    About Lv.90 gear... Well, first of all, all new Lv.90 Luke Legendaries are not good enough for Luke Raid (maybe even Luke Normals) - they're really good for Anton Raid, though. I can't really recommend to buy them right now, though - they're gonna be expensive as hell, but they're not THAT much better as Anton Legendaries.
    In terms of Lv.90 Luke Legendary Weapons:
    매화육궁 / 梅花六宮 (goddamnit, I know that its name comes from a six-point eye shape in a corner in Go, but I can't find any decent translation of it in English... Plum Blossom Palace?): looks REALLY similar to Giant Nugol Form. +15% Attack / Movement Speed, +15% Physical / Magical Critical Chance, +3 to Lv.45 Skills and +18% Damage (Elenore modifier).
    You're trading at least 4% Damage for 15% Crit Rate increase and damage increase to Outrage Break. A good alternative to Giant Nugol Form, but expect it to be stupidly expensive on Auction House.
    Purifion/Furypion Sword: +162 Independent Attack (just more Ind Att than other Weapons), +1 to Lv.1-45 Skills, +5% All Attacks and attacks have a 3% chance to decrease all Cooldowns with 100s or less by 20% (Cooldown: 25s).
    At ~2.3k Ind Att (including the max Refine level of this sword as well), +162 Ind Att will be ~7% Damage. Including +1 to Bloody Cross and stuff like Outrage Break / Blood Sword / Raging Fury, you'll probably have almost the same Damage increase as from Liberation Weapon. The only good thing there is CDR effect, and even then you can proc it only once per 25 seconds. Maybe it's good for swap while using Mana Vortex full set, but other than that? I dunno, this Short Sword looks kinda lackluster...
    Jacklyne's Sword: Gwimyeondo: up to +300 STR and -300 INT, +30% Skill Attack to Lv.40-45 Skills, +7% Bonus Critical Damage (Bonus Critical modifier).
    STR increase isn't that much to Zerk. Now +30% Skill Attack to Blood Sword and Outrage Break is something (especially if you're using 9pc Blood Reaper), not to mention Bonus Crit Damage! I'm not sure if it's really fit for any Epic item build, but it's good for our Chron builds. Too bad this sword is gonna be stupidly expensive - classes like Asura, Chaos and Dark Knight benefit much more from it than Zerk, so expect to see many faces trying to get one from AH.
    Slingshot Smash: +12% All Attacks, +10% Damage (Elenore modifier), +10% Damage against Human enemies (Elenore modifier) and +3 Lv. to Bludgeon Mastery.
    Damn, now that's good (I find it kinda funny that Anton/Luke Legendary Bludgeons are better than other Anton/Luke Slayer Legendary Weapons)! Bludgeon Mastery is irrelevant to us, but other stuff really puts it on par with Giant Nugol Form! And if you're dealing with Human enemies, then it's actually better and deals ~32% Damage!
    There's just one thing: unlike Anton dungeons, most of Named/Boss monsters in Luke dungeons are Mechanical, not Human (although there are still Human-type enemies, just not as much). That's why you'll still need to find another weapon for Luke dungeons (but you can swap for this one when dealing with Human-type enemies), but for Anton Raid this thing is really good.

    I'm not gonna mention Lv.90 Epics - they are all better than anything else we've had (not to mention that Lv.90 Epic Weapon or Savior is a must for Zerk in Luke Raid).

    Oh, and I'm not really proud of those Berserker equipment posts of mine - I really want to write a full Berserker guide, but I don't even have enough time to update those few posts (need to update Starting Weapon / Endgame Weapon / Elemental Armor / Neutral Armor posts). And with the way we're getting so many important updates, I even need to update Sub-Equip/Magic Stone posts now. Imagine updating a full-fledged guide, with Skills/Enchants/Videos/Anton Normals Tips/Anton Raid Tips/etc, and all of those should be updated even with minor changes! I fear that if I'll start writing it, I might not be able to update it with a good pace...

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