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  1. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

    647 do understand that it's impossible to answer your questions without posting proper setups?
    It's impossible to say what Gems are you gonna use for SQ/NG sets unless you post Weapon/Accessories/Sub-Equip as well as Elemental Damage enchants you're using.
    Same thing with what Infinite Avarice accessories to use.

    Infinite Source of Avarice is not worth it even without Lv.90 Epics, unless you've already upgraded all other Avarice items and got yourself usable Savior. Obviously, it's even less worthy when Lv.90 Epics are added.
  2. Yarai

    So what skill range should we getting for creatures if we have one for derange swap already? 15-20? This is for olympus
  3. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

  4. My berserker is about to be 86 and I'm considering investing into him. Can someone show me their preferred skill build? Currently I have everything maxed except Gore Cross (0), Burst Fury (1), Blood Ruin (0), Bloody Twister (1), and Diehard (dump, currently level 3).

    I don't know if Diehard is worth prioritizing for the strength at later levels and if I'm maxing something that shouldn't be. I use a mist katana currently and is it worth it to use katana mastery even though the class is mostly fixed? Is it mostly a waste of points? Any help is appreciated.

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