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  1. burritoblob :blobhyperthinkbutfast:

    You aren't up to Ghent where you get to try Ultimate difficulty solo suffering l0l. Mash chaser launch more with the fundamental skills over Meteor Dash. It really is close to PvP stuff except you try not to launch everything sky high ever. You can deal with grouping with the big pushback of Time Bomb on standing mobs, Stabbing Wheel with 1 TP, and GDS. I've come to the conclusion that Chaser Press is actually garbage until you can get the related TPs at the pretty high Lv.65, and I still think it's super situational even then. There's just not enough actually decent options to put SP in as BM right now.
  2. Dubin carried by fmage

    But Chasr Prs was dabes :c oh well time to do up Chaser Launch and
    I actually liked being a Chaser Launch Dancing Queen more than a Press one-shot goddess o:< time to get hype
  3. Arianna The one and only sanic-chan

    Aw what. I missed all the new DFO happenings and now Physical BM sucks, rip </3
    Then again, balance patch could mean anything for anyone... ;o
  4. I know this probably has been answered but how much has our beloved Battle Mage changed? The last time I played her was back in 2011. What kept me from keepin her was the weird play style and crappy damage. I don't know if it was because of her skills or if I was playin her wrong. But I do know that I did have alot of fun. Thinking of remaking one because why the hell not? I've already got...six other characters! Oh god I need AA (Altoholics Anonymous) badly...
  5. Lil Puddin Duke of Diabeetus

    Battle Mage is significantly stronger and IMO less clunky than her 2011 self. She's very fun and has great DPS options, with burst options that rely on her unloading all her chasers. She becomes even better after her 2nd awakening thanks to that very OP passive of her's that equalizes her physical and magical attributes; the weaker attribute goes up to match the strongest one. She is still combo oriented but takes less effort while still remaining quite satisfying.

    Rogue is also a class you may be interested in if you prefer combo-y classes. Rogue has more finesse than any of the other classes, but isn't as button mash heavy as combo-ers like Monks or Weapon Masters.
  6. Good to know puddin! I guess I'm just heavily attracted to combo oriented classes. Mainly because I love games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry (Not DmC. Ugh that goddamn travesty.), and Metal Gear Solid: ReVengeance. I gotta get CUHRAZY yo!

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