Been awhile since i played. How are fighters doing these days?

Discussion in 'Brawler' started by CrystalSoul, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. CrystalSoul

    Back in DFO i used to main F-Brawler and absolutely loved the class even though the other fighters were statistically better at the time. Now that DFO will be back soon, im looking forward to playing my favorite class once again :)

    But i've been so out of the loop for so long now that im not sure what i missed.

    How are fighters looking these days? Whats popular? Is female striker still #1? How to the Male counterparts compare? are male fighters better?

    I would love to chat about it :D
  2. Tri Net Battler

    Female fighters have 2nd Awakenings in kdnf, so they're generally more popular, and considered "better" or more party-worthy or whatever you wanna use there. Strikers still deal a ton of damage, probably the most. Best thing to do is go on Youtube and just watch and drool. And ask questions of course.

    oh btw the F. Brawler 2nd Awakening.... you're going to love it, it's sex in a can
  3. Drewgami Chelsea Til I Die

    Female striker still deals the most damage. Female fighters are generally better than male fighters in everything, except maybe Male Nen if you preferred the Tiger Flash playstyle. Female Nen still does better damage, imo. The main difference there is male Nen can have 100% tiger flash uptime and female nens don't use tflash as much. Female brawlers will be made a lot for junk spin assist, and they have a nice 2nd awakening.

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