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Discussion in 'Glacial Master' started by Sectium, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Sectium

    So I'm not sure how many from here are players from the old Nexon (aka the Devil) days but I was wondering...
    Do you guys think Neo will go threw and bring back the Archangel Michael Avatar set? That was by far my favorite set for m.mage due to the
    the ult being a alt Ult pic. Idk it just might be me who loved it >.>
  2. Alex X

    It was the set I used up until it finally died, but unfortunately I'm not sure it even can return unless KDnF did a re-release of the Apostles set that includes the classes we have now that were not present when Nexon did the package (i.e. Knight and F-Slayer). For better or worse, we are highly unlikely to get avatar packages that are missing one or more classes, as doing that would screw over anyone who plays those, and by extension mean less money for Neople since the missing classes can't buy the package.

    A shame... It was one of the few avatars with a set bonus that included a custom animation (changing the first awakening cut-in to the apostle you were dressed as).
  3. Sectium

    Yeah I know man. But still when I seen Michael use it in the Dungeon I suddenly got hit with a old nostalgia from it! RIP one of my favorite avatars :(
  4. Enoch the Fierce Breathe Again

    My favorite set,i actually made a Glacial Master just to use it :weep:

    I'm pretty sure everyone wants every old avatar back.
  5. Sectium

    ^ He knows what Im talking about XD I mean Yeah I still bought the Red set for my E.Bomber But still I just loved spamming my ult just to see it.
    The others were pretty good too.... well the F.Fighter was I got it for my Grappler only cause it made her look like Storm from X-men XD
    ... Don't judge me >.>
  6. Alex X

    Seeing as how we're all MMO players I'm not sure any of us are in a position to be judging people on levels of nerdiness.

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