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  1. Hey, newbie to the forums here, so I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by asking this here.

    I currently have a lv. 77 Indra/Asura. I'm willing to shell out the money to get avatars to boost my skills and what not, but I need some information as to what to get. Are the things like the current Ninja avatars purely cosmetic and the clone avatars are what allow you to get bonuses, or what?

    Also, are there any optimal "settings" or what for the avatar parts that do something? I'm just coming back to the game after a six month absence due to schoolwork, so I'm a little out of touch.

  2. SirOrange

    Yeah. when you buy the package, there is a dropdown box that allows you to pick which subclass you are and then the stats would be put accordingly.
  3. Hervey Administrator

    Yeah but you may not always want to follow what it picks for you. It's going to be mostly right except for the hat/hair and top, usually.

    On Strength based classes you'll typically go Casting Speed Hat/Hair (it may recommend Spirit instead, which is useless). Exception here being you're something like... Rogue, who actually doesn't cast anything, at least for PvE purposes. But *most* classes have a buff, or several, which can benefit from the casting speed. Whereas extra Spirit is just extra mana which is pretty useless for the most part. The teeny amount of mana you'd get could have just been gotten from one mana potion. Plus I don't think most classes actually suffer from mana issues at level cap.

    On Intellect based classes, you'll forgo Strength shoes and get Movement Speed.

    Your pants and belt almost never matter. One exception I can think of is an Elven Knight getting Physical Defense pants for her passive (+atk from +def). I just go +weight belt because the rest are generally useless. An exception to that being if you had the Dark Gothic epic set, you'd want to get a +Shadow Resist belt to increase your Shadow Damage further.

    Face/Torso should always be Attack Speed. Honestly there's nothing else ever worth getting, whether it be PvE or PvP. I really cannot think of an exception to this either.

    And the top lets you choose skills for your class to give +1 to. Obviously this varies from class to class but will more often than not go towards your buff skill.

    So as for you, it'd be
    Hat/Hair: Int
    Face/Torso: Aspd
    Top: Wave Manifestation Brand (I think, haven't played Asura in years)
    Bottom/Waist: Doesn't matter for Asura (I go +HP and +Weight typically)
    Shoes: Mspd

    For a Strength class like Berserker or WM or something it'd generally be something like
    Hat/Hair: Casting Speed
    Face/Torso: Aspd
    Top: (class)
    Bottom/Waist: Again doesn't matter really
    Shoes: Strength
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