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Discussion in 'Asura' started by ManarcFTSK, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. ManarcFTSK The Habitual Resetter...

    I've been contemplating between 2 sets.
    Any Suggestions? I like the Insta room clear with furious, but in the same aspect, thats just 3 moves. Pulsating does essentially all moves with extra manifestations. Any thoughts?
  2. Sancerre

    furious rampage is really good for spirit crescent and kinda not so great otherwise.

    also, its hard to imagine pulsating 9 piece being useful without a heavens luck sword to generate extra waves (or other similar epics // lots of cooldown reduction). you just dont get enough waves to be throwing out 7 wave ghost orbs often enough to even make use of the 9 piece.

    typically, folks recommend a mix of pulsating ground wave + invisible raging wave -- typically 3 pulsating, 6 invisible. really buffs out ground quaker cooldown reduction, damage, and duration... making you an excellent holder with solid damage. i personally recommend just 9 piece invisible though... the 20% cooldown reduction from 3 piece PGW is not better than the massive buffs to agni from 9 piece IRW, IMO. some would argue holding is your main worth, but agni is a solid hold just as well... and it also recieves a sizable cooldown reduction on 9 piece IRW. keep in mind, you could run 3+6 and just have the last 3 pieces of IRW on your hotbars to swap around with before you use agni and then swap back to 3+6 after using agni... if you really wanted to.
  3. QueenyPie Endless torment flavor.

    If you're going for 9pc IRW, you're going for an agni nuke build, and with that you'd want to invest in the sword puppet; I really recommend just sticking with 6/3 until then. Furious rampage is good, better if you have Void Sura king. I went for both, and while FR is fun, I just can't get over the utility 6/3 provides, especially as a support (15 sec cd quaker too gud).
  4. Blackjack ( ´ ▽ ` )b

    6 pc ultimate ice fury is also very strong and it leaves you with multiple slots for assorted epics/legendaries
  5. ManarcFTSK The Habitual Resetter...

    So Pulsating is out of the question as far as recommendations go? hmm ok. Never though of it like that. A friend recommended me IRW over pulsating, so 3 pulsating, 6 IRW.. never thought of mixing and matching. I'll give it a try! Thanks!

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