Asura not accepted in endgame raids?

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  1. i5py

    Is this true. I Have not played for a while and just read this on reddit. If so, why. I've heard WM is unfavorable in endgame raids, now im reading Asura (which I just created and spent hours on last night) is not welcome in endgame raids.

    I plan to be endgame asap.

    All input is highly appreciated!!!
  2. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    We just talked about this in the Asura general discussion, but I'll say it quickly again here.

    tl;dr Asura's typically aren't that welcome in Anton Raid. They have a setup that is good for Gun Defense, but even then they are passed over in favor of other classes. If you plan or want to go elsewhere, you better be friends with the Raid Captain, or find a desperate Raid Captain who's looking for a Yin Sword user.

    If your endgame is just Anton Normals, then don't worry, you'll be fine there.

    Also, WM's aren't unfavorable in Raids so idk why someone told you that (I'm assuming you got this info from Reddit, so I guess it's to be expected). WM's are a popular support class when they stack Iron Strike. If you wanna join a raid as damage, then its a different story.

    As a side note: "I plan to be endgame asap", this mentality will hurt you more than it will help you. There's no rush to get gear and you can't control RNG.
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  3. i5py

    Thank you for taking your time to re explain this. I did obtain most of the info from reddit. I was not aware of this from WM. About the "asap" statement - I just feel so far behind did not know DFO was re-released. :/ What is "RNG"?

    is EK welcomed in endgame raids? Ive been reading a lot about EK and think I want to main her. Seems like a class I would truly enjoy
  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    First things first, you need to stop worrying about Raid. Do not let a classes position in Raid determine if you want to play it. Raid is not for everyone, and there is no guarantee that you will even be able to get a party together, let alone complete it. If you have fun with a class, then play it.

    RNG- Random Number Generator. Basically what this entire games gear progression is based on. Google is your friend.

    As for being behind, don't worry about it. It takes time to get your gear and its not like the entire population is completely done with everything.

    EK is more welcome after 2nd awakening, but its still not a very popular class. But like I said earlier in the post, if you have fun with the class then play it. Don't let Anton stop you.
  5. i5py

    Ahhh, obtaining gear will not be an issue. For the past 6 PC mmorpg I have played, I am the top 5 richest players (or was when I played) in due time - without spending much money. It is the time for the levels I will be putting into a possibly new character - and spending what I maybe should not, I have no knowledge on that I am worried about, Ive created 6 in the past 3 days as this is all I am allowed to create. I have heard of +16/18 wep players soloing something most people cant. I don't think I will have trouble finishing a raid, this is not an issue. I just don't want someone to see my slayer icon and investigate "is he asura or WM" although once I am 80+ whichever main I pick should be obvious "This guy can raid"

    It does seem Asura does well in Korean tournaments however I want an all-around player. I am currently having the most fun with my rouge, as the fast play style is up my alley - but the EK skills seem like something I can utilize professionally with ease. I created a male mage and do not like this, so he is out of the picture. After seeing so many asura in tournys and no F slayer, I created asura, dug deeper, and see he is unwanted in raids o.O even an extremely overgeared asura?

    thank you for the reassurance on myself feeling far behind. If I could have and knew, I would've been one of the first players online. I was devastated when nexon shutdown my second life.
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  6. Hervey Administrator

    Just a heads up I would take anything you get off the reddit with a grain of salt, especially anything raid related. Only a handful of users here have even ran Anton.
    There's some familiar faces around here you can learn to trust, like Ark here.

    Also try not to double post.
  7. i5py

    Yes sir, Thank you

    Here is what I posted on an old thread and was rated "Dumb" probably because the guy read I had 4 gilded sets + clones / bank worth 1.2b in Nexon DFO

    Sigh.. haters -

    Summoner has always been a big solo player / popular in Korean tournaments, many favor Asura as well. Play what you like. Ive spent 4 days reading for hours on reddit and forums and am deciding on making my main an elven knight. I will be with much gold / karma koins as I had 4 gilded sets in nexon DFO, around 900-1.2 bill total worth.
    I will get back up there again. I will spend money on my new main. Elven knight seems unique. I was a necro and soul bender back in the day, so consider the class buffs in your party
    priest subclass (I forgot which one) and soul bender can help characters in parties.
    F mech was popular and fun for Solo, I knew a Nen master in nexon days who solo'd a lot as well.
    Just about any class can solo as long as you find the class you are most comfortable playing with, and enjoy. May take time to find this, but try classes out, don't look for the most OP class. Make your favorite the most OP. I avoided the kunoichi or whatever its called as she is apparently banned in tournaments and I am majorly PvP based player

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