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    ––––[The Asuran Compendium]––––

    This guide will contain information and data from several players and sources including myself. I will attempt to make it the most comprehensive and thorough guide so both novice and experienced players will find some use in it.

    Most of the information will be directed towards a general build to handle all dungeons. I will not include builds that are specific such as for Reshpon, Tower of Despair, or Otherverse.

    This will be a PvE exclusive guide, I will leave PvP to someone who is higher qualified.

    I have quit DFO and as such will no longer be updating the guide.

    ––––[Table of Contents]––––

    ––––[About the Author]––––

    I've been playing this game on and off since the first few months of open beta. I've been using my asura since before SI, it is now lv70. I have played other classes as well previously, a summoner(49), WM(35) and striker(45) I mostly play PvE, as a result this guide will be exclusively PvE.

    If you would like help or have any questions about asuras feel free to PM me.

    ––––[Change Log]––––
    • 6/29/12: Updated useful links and asura synopsis to post-inno.
    • 7/1/12: Updated C2 guides.
    • 7/4/12: Updated build section.
    • 7/8/12: Created patch changes section & updated general skills.
    • 7/10/12: Updated quest point skills.
    • 7/14/12: Updated common skills, common skill upgrades, & asura non-cube skills.
    • 7/15/12: Updated asura cube skills.
    • 7/23/12: Updated equipment section.
    • 7/25/12: Included emblems & enchants in equipment section.
    • 8/10/12: Added charts to synopsis section. Added tower of despair section. DFO wiki is down.
    6/27/12 Season II: Act I
    • Many skills have been reworked in terms of max level and damage.
    • Ghost orb has .09s intervals as opposed to the prior .15s.
    • GO EX now gives +3/lv and opposed to the prior 2/lv.
    • MW EX now gives 4%/lv reduction as opposed to 3%/lv.
    • WMB EX now gives -1.5s/lv rune generation and +3.6s/lv as opposed to +2s/lv.
    • Introduction of QP system and QP passives.
    • QP passives will replace TP passives as well as offer new/stronger bonuses.
    • Subclass specific TP passives will now cost twice as much.
    • Introduction of weapon's elemental damage on neutral skills.
    • Introduction of conversion skill.
    • Sub-class TP passives will cost twice as much TP.
    • GIWS and GFWS now cost SP.
    • Revamp of independent/base damage.
    • Introduction of independent damage on weapons.
    • Otherverse requirements reduced by 50.
    • Removal of regular OV2.
    • Introduction of new dungeons Heiz and Arden.
    • Introduction of seal items.
    • Introduction of boss epics.
    • Introduction of gear book (Equiptionary)
    • Introduction of title book.
    • Removal of stat stones and effects.
    • Removal of NPC gifting.
    • Introduction of item extracting.
    • Revamp of player grinders.
    • NX shop permanent discounts.
    • Elenore and other lv50 epics removed from Grandis' shop.
    • Introduction of aura avatar slot.
    7/18/12 Season II: Act II
    • Title book glitched fixed.
    • Gear book changed to Equiptionary.
    8/1/12 Season II: Act III
    • Enticer has increased suction, increased damage for special mobs.
    • FWS has increased damage.
    • Introduction of Tower of Despair.
    8/16/12 Season II: Act IV
    • Introduction of Suju.
    • Introduction of weapon refinement.
    8/29/12 Season II: Act V
    • Introduction of mercenary system.
    • Introduction of guild hideout/storage.
    9/19/12 Season II: Act VI
    • Introduction of the Abysmal Arena.
    • Winner Winner x 2
    • Informative Informative x 1
    • Useful Useful x 1
    • List
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    ––––[Useful Links]––––

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    ––––[Asura Lore]––––

    Asuras within the game are based on Buddhism and some Hinduism, the changing of translations make it less apparent in the English version.

    Having given up the ability to see for power, they now see waves with their mind. This denotes to the Buddhism term of the third eye. This can also be a homage to the Japanese fictional hero Zatoichi.

    Wave manifestation brands seem to have been inspired by Sanskrit writing. And rightly so, as the earliest versions of Buddhist manuscripts are written in Sanskrit.

    Earlier translations/names of mind snap, concentration and focus respectively, refers to meditation which is highly advocated for Buddhism.

    The dialogue the asura says when casting fire wave sword, "From ignis," is latin for fire.

    Agni pentacle for some reason was changed from Acala formation/trap in the original version. Acala is a Buddhist god and is known for being unmovable, the same goes for the pentacle as both you and the enemy cannot move while it is active.

    Agni is the Hindu god of fire, he is sometimes classified as an asura. Note that Agni is the sanskrit word for fire and ignis is the latin derivative.

    The dialogue for ice wave sword is, "from frio." Frio is latin for cold. Interestingly unlike FWS, IWS does not have a connection with the Hindu god of water, Varuna.

    Ghost orb was renamed from ghost gate return in the original version. The ghost gate doesn't seem to be Buddhist in nature, so it is rather perplexing as to why it is used by asuras. This explains why the asura says, "return," while casting it.

    Murderous wave ties in with asuras as they are often seen as angry and malicious beings.

    Dark Knight was changed from Dark Heaven. The Chinese characters used often give a more literal meaning of god rather than heaven. Awakening in the game quite possibly refers to enlightenment. Which would make sense for asuras as they have achieved 'godhood.'

    I have not found a reliable basis for the game concepts of waves and asura's powers of ice and fire. Waves might refer to chi. In Chinese culture masters may use it for sense and super human powers.

    For further reading on the translation differences of asura refer to this thread.

    ––––[Dialogue List]––––

    • Indomitable Spirit:
    • Ancient Memory: Baiten Kaitos
    • Leap:
    • Triple Slash: unintelligible
    • Moonlight Slash:
    • Kazan: Sumino Kazan
    • Bremen: Sumino Bremen
    • Wave Manifestation Brand: Zense? Sense?
    • Ice Wave Sword(EX): From Frio
    • Ghost Orb: Return
    • Spirit Cresent: Nil- then unintelligible
    • Charging Asura Spirit Crescent: Hold
    • Asura Spirit Cresent: Asura- then unintelligible
    • Uncharged ASC: unintelligible
    • Murderous Wave: Killer Wave?
    • Fire Wave Sword(EX): From Ignis
    • Deadly Enticer:
    • Ground Quaker: Ground Quake
    • Wave Eye:
    • Agni Pentacle: Agni Fire, Agni Blast (When skill ends)
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    ––––[Asura Synopsis]––––

    Asuras are simply put, juggernauts. They are designed to take very large amounts of damage while dishing out even more. It is a very well rounded class with skills for short and long range. Generally speaking asuras have little trouble in PvE and there really isn't that much to worry about. Even better than the previous comments mentioned, asuras are extremely fun to play.

    The main roles for asuras in parties is to hold the enemy. Agni, quaker, orb, and (EX)IWS are their main holding moves. The secondary role for asura is to stay back and do damage and they do amazing damage.​

    • Very good burst damage
    • Good DPS
    • Many long ranged X axis moves
    • Evasion stacking
    • 4 grabs (Including 1 super grab and 1 steal skill)
    • High chance to freeze enemies.
    • Many AoE skills
    • Very good herding moves
    • Many multi-hitting skills, able to proc without problems.
    • Relatively cheap, can preform well with mediocre gear. Low repair costs.
    • Lack of repeating active buffs.
    • High damaging non-cube skills.
    • Perfect guard.
    • Great class in a party or solo.

    • Inability to cancel out of lengthy skills. (Agni, Quaker)
    • High CDs
    • Low Aspd
    • Low Cspd
    • Requires at least small amount of range for most skills to do full damage.
    • Ghost Orb is ineffective with wall enemies (rossi, lotus)
    • Only two skills with invincibility frames. (WWS, BL)
    • Lacks a single hitting, high damaging skill.
    • Lackluster awakening damage.

    Double Edged Swords:
    • Both fixed and percentage damage
    • Plate armor offers great defense but limited jumping ability.
    • Nearly all skills result in knock downs.


    Charts display asura efficiency compared to other classes.


    ––––[Frequently Asked Questions]––––

    Q: Asuras are a mostly fixed damage class right?

    A: No! Asuras have always been a hybrid class, even pre-SI. They are in every respect a hybrid class having an almost equal amount of fixed, percentage, and hybrid skills.

    Q: Firewave scales badly right?

    No ! Its scaling is similar to other skills.
    RG:For our current version, it offers less DPS per SP compared to other skills. But one should not discount its short animation and high burst damage, which is perfect for adding damage to any combo. It also ignores evasion.

    Q: Does WMB allow gear switching?

    Yes and no. The skill of your current WMB will affect the runes being generated. However you can gear switch for lower generation time with chronicle gear.

    Q: Does MW allow gear switching?

    Yes. Increased levels and damage (C3) will allow gear swapping. However the damage from independent attack and INT will rely on your current stats when mobs enter the aura.

    Q: Do I choose Katana or Short Sword?

    That is entirely up to you. If you prefer to melee katana would be the better option. However many choose short sword not because of the higher Mattack but because of Elenore. Katana roughly corresponds to 5 levels less of short sword damage.
    RG: Ultimately should aim for SS with Elenore, otherwise katana is a good option if you prefer some speed. Over all DPS is slightly less with % skills and the same with fix skills.

    For further reading refer to this thread. While the thread is not specifically aimed for asuras the reasoning still applies.

    Q: What build should I choose?

    Whatever build you think that you will be happy with. Choose the playstyle that you want and the skills you find fun. From there, hopefully, you will be able to figure out what would best work for you. It is very hard to screw up your build once you have the necessary bread and butter skills. Refer to this section for more reading.

    Q: What gear should I get?

    Refer to this section for more reading.

    Q: Is it possible to get 100% evasion?

    Yes it is. Refer to this thread for more reading.

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    ––––[Game Terminology]––––

    Throughout the game people will often use abbreviations, synonyms, or acronyms. For you convenience I have compiled a list of some you may encounter.​

    • [Thief]
      • Necromancer: Nec
    • [M Gunner]
      • Ranger:MRang
      • Launcher: MLauncher
      • Spitfire: MSpit
      • Mechanic: MMech
    • [F Gunner]
      • Ranger: FRang
      • Launcher: FLauncher
      • Spitfire: FSpit
      • Mechanic: FMech
    • [F Mage]
      • Elementalist: EM, Elem
      • Battle Mage: BM
    • [M Mage]
      • Elemental Bomber: EB
      • Glacial Master: GM
    • [Priest]
      • Crusader: Sader
      • Monk: Infighter
      • Exorcist: Exo
        • Magical Exorcist: Mexo
        • Physical Exorcist: Pexo
    • [F/M Fighter]
      • Nen Master: Nen
      • Grappler: Grap
    • [Slayer]
      • Asura: Sura
      • Blade/Weapon Master: BM/WM (WM is preferred to reduce confusion with battle mages)
      • Berserker: Zerker, Zerk
      • Soul Bender: SB, Bender

    • [Shared Skills]
      • [Blade Master]
        • Ashe Fork: Ashe
        • Triple Slash: TS
        • Aerial Chain Slash: ACS
        • Flip Side Counter: Flip Side
      • [Soul Bender]
        • Ghost Slash: GS
        • Moonlight Slash: MLS
        • Hazy-Eyed Bremen: Bremen
      • [Berserker]
        • Gore Cross: GC
        • Blood Lust: Lust
      • [General]
        • Indomitable Spirit: Indom
        • Ancient Memory: AM
        • Physical Critical Hit: Pcrit, P Crit
        • Magic Critical Hit: Mcrit, M Crit
        • Quick Rebound: QR
      • [Common EX]
        • Basic Attack Training Upgrade: BAT EX
        • Triple Slash Upgrade: TS EX
        • Ashe Fork Upgrade: Ashe EX
        • Ghost Slash Upgrade: GS EX
        • Moonlight Slash Upgrade: MLS EX
        • Gore Cross Upgrade: GC EX
        • Neutral Wave Sword Upgrade: NWS EX
        • Wave Wheel Slasher Upgrade: WWS EX
    • [Asura Skills]
      • Wave Plate Armor Mastery: Plate Mastery, Armor Mastery
      • Neutral Wave Sword: NWS
      • Wave Wheel Slasher: WWS
      • Cancel - Wave Sword: NWS Cancel
      • Wave Manifestation Brand: WMB, Mani
        • Each Individual Brand: Rune
      • Mind Snap!: Focus (Old beta name)
      • Ice Wave Sword: IWS
      • Wave Radiation: WR, Radiation
      • Ghost Orb: Orb, GO
        • Perfect Guard: The act of using guard to receive 0 damage from a ranged attack.
      • Asura Spirit Crescent: ASC
      • Murderous Wave: MW, Murderous
      • Fire Wave Sword: FWS
      • Deadly Enticer: Enticer
      • Ground Quaker: GQ, Quaker
      • Agni Pentacle: Agni
      • Mind's Eye: Awakening Passive
      • Wave Eye: Awakening Active
    • [Asura EX Skills]
      • Murderous Wave Upgrade: MW EX, Murderous EX
      • Wave Manifestation Brand Upgrade: WMB EX, Mani EX
      • Ghost Orb Upgrade: GO EX, Orb EX
      • Great Ice Wave Sword: IWS EX, GIWS
      • Great Fire Wave Sword: FWS EX, GFWS
    • [Quest Points]
      • Strength Training: STR Training, STR EX
      • Vitality Promotion: VIT Training, VIT EX
      • Intelligence Growth: INT Training, INT EX
      • Spirit Exaltation: SPI Training, SPI EX
      • Good Hit Training: Hit Rate EX
      • Evasion Training: Evade EX
      • HP Regeneration Acceleration: HP Regen EX
      • MP Regeneration Acceleration: MP Regen EX
      • Movement Speed: MSPD EX

    • [Equipment]
      • [Slayer Weapons]
        • Short Sword: SS
        • Zabanto: Great Sword
        • Light Saber: LS
      • [Misc]
        • Ancient Elven Ring: AER
      • [Avatars]
        • Avatar: Ava
        • Rare Avatar: Rare
      • [Creature]
        • Creature: Pet
      • [Equipment Rarity]
        • Common: White
        • Uncommon: Blue
        • Rare: Purple
        • Sealed Items: Seals
        • Heroic Rare: Essence (Outdated)
        • Legacy: Lega
        • Unique: Pink
        • 1st Chronicle: Chron1, C1
        • 2nd Chronicle: Chron2, C2
        • 3rd Chronicle: Chron3, C3
        • Epic: Epic
      • [Consumables]
        • Restorative/Buffing Items: Pots (not to be confused with danjin pots)
      • [Materials]
        • Cube Fragments: Cubes (Usually when someone says "cube" they will refer to a fragment instead of an entire cube.)
        • Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragment: Nihil Frag

    • [Behemoth]
      • First Spine: 1st
      • Second Spine: 2nd
      • Chamber of Blood: Chamber, CoB
    • [Noire Ferra]
      • City of Noirre Ferra: Noire
    • [Otherverse]
      • Otherverse: Outers, OV
      • Goblin, Neb, Rang: C2, OV2
      • Void, Ozma, Bakal: C3, OV3
        • Goblin Kingdom: Goblin(s), Gobby
        • Castle Nebulous: Castle, Neb
        • Rangelus's Guerrillas: Rang
        • Void Rift: Otherverse Fissure, Void
        • Dark Side: Black Earth, Ozma
        • Bakal's Castle: Bakal
    • [Valley of Fallen Souls]
      • Tower of Death: ToD
      • Tower of Illusion: ToI

    [Game Values]
    • [Statistics]
      • Strength: STR
      • Intelligence: INT
      • Vitality: VIT, Vita, Vital
      • Spirit: SPT
      • Physical Attack: Pattack, Patt
      • Magical Attack: Mattack, Matt
      • Physical Defense: Pdef
      • Magical Defense: Mdef
      • Critical: Pcrit, Crit
      • Magical Critical: Mcrit
      • Attack Speed: Aspd
      • Casting Speed: Cspd
      • Movement Speed: Mspd
      • Exorcism: EP
      • Evasion Rate: Evade, EVA
      • HP Recovery: HP Recov, HP Regen
      • MP Recovery: MP Recov, MP Regen
      • Hit Recovery: Hit Recov
      • Resists: Resi
      • Independent Damage: Base(d) damage, Fixed damage
    • [Status Effects]
      • Electrocution: Elec
      • Bleeding: Bleed
      • Poison: Poi, PSN
      • Stunned: Stun (Not to be confused with hit stun or stun lock)
      • Petrified: Petri
      • Frozen: Freeze
      • Sleeping: Sleep
      • Confused: Conf
      • Super Armor: SA, a buff that renders the user immune to hit stun and knockdown.
      • Cursed: Curse
      • Invisibility: Invis
    • SI: Second Impact, the Korean name for an update that changed many aspects of skills, dungeons, and the game as a whole. In DFO it is referred to as Act X: Rebirth.
    • Pre-SI: The time before the SI update.
    • Post-SI: The time after the SI update.
    • Innovation: A major update in a variety of features included in the game. Much like SI it radically changed many aspects of DFO. In DFO it is referred to as Season II Act I: Revolution. Also known as third strike.
    • Post-Inno: The time after the Inno update.

    • PROC: Programmed on Random Occurrence
    • Hit Stun
    • Stun Lock
    • OTG: On the ground
    • PvP: Player vs Player (Arena)
    • PvE: Player vs Environment (Dungeons)
    • Dailies: So called because they can only be completed once per day.
      • 7 Dailies: Rossi, Skasa, Brigand, Hamelin, Slums, Odessa, Verderia
      • Nihil Dailies: Any daily that gives nihil frags
    • Damage Tick: The amount of damage caused by indirect damage. i.e. bleeding damage or murderous wave damage.
    • APC
    • Grab: Any skill that is able to disrupt a grabbable enemy in super armor.
      • True grab: Usually a true grab is a skill that grabs the enemy and has invincibility frames i.e. WWS, blood lust.
      • Super grab: A skill that can distrupt any enemy, even ungrabbable ones. i.e. quaker, neck snap.
    • Invincibility Frames: Iframe, The amount of time the player's animation is in an invincible state. i.e. WWS, QR
    • XXX: Refers to the default attack and it's input (the x key) Often used in explaining combos.
    • Hit box: The area of effect that a skill has. Can also refer to the player's size.
    • Launching: Refers to certain skills that can 'launch' enemies in the air. i.e. upward slash.
    • DPS
    • Burst Damage
    • AoE
    • X Axis: Left and right.
    • Y Axis: Forward and backward.
    • Z Axis: Up and down. i.e. Jumping.
    • SP: Skill points. The currency which skills are purchased.
    • TP: Tuk-Sung points. The currency which EX skills are purchased.
    • EX: Synonym for special skills.
    • Fixed Damage: Damage that is based solely on the skill amounts. Int and a few other amounts can modify it.
    • Percent Damage: Damage that is based on your weapon. Int, upgrading, masteries, and a few other amounts can modify it.
    • Piercing Damage: Damage that is not reduced from an enemies armor.
    • Herding: The act of moving enemies around the playing field.
    • Cancel: Immediately stopping an attack animation. Can refer to canceling out of xxx or a skill.
    • Poke: A skill used to 'poke' the enemy from a distance, generally a PvP term.
    • Stacking: The act of combining many skills/gear in order to increase a single attribute. Effectively 'stacking' the attributes on top of each other.
    • Hit Stop: The term used for the slowing of animation for an attack while passing through an enemy. i.e. xxx animates slower while attacking enemies compared to attacking air.\
    • Prereq: Prerequisite. Usually refers to skills, one skill may require others to be leveled first in order to obtain it.
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    ––––[Rating System]––––

    The rating system will be introduced again in a few weeks. I want to wait until players are more comfortable with the skills and rating them. I also might change a few aspects of it.

    The following skills will be rated based on this thread. The purpose will be to even out my own opinions with other's. Results will be rounded up.​
    • 1: Not worth getting at all.
    • 2: Has very little use. Very few builds should get this.
    • 3: Average skill, useful in some occasions. Some builds should get this.
    • 4: Solid skill, worth having.Most builds should get this.
    • 5: Absolutely must have, every build should have this.

    ★ A black star will refer to the general opinion.
    ☆ A white star will refer to my own rating.

    ––––[General Skills]––––

    Heavy Armor Mastery

    There is no reason to keep wearing heavy armor past lv18.

    Indomitable Spirit

    Indom effectively gives super armor while casting. In PvE the usefulness of indom is lessened. Most builds do not get it.

    Ancient Memory

    One of our only active buffs. AM at max offers 150 int for 20 seconds which is great as asuras do incredibly well with burst damage. Its efficiency at higher levels is lessened as it will give less than a 10% damage boost. Magic crit should take priority over this skill.

    Backstep + Cancel

    Another free skill. Make good use of this as it will put some distance between you and the enemy enabling you to follow up with IWS or orb.

    Physical Critical Hit + Rear Attack

    Well since we aren't a physical class I hope you won't get this.

    Magic Critical Hit

    A great damage skill. Stacking mcrit on an asura is surprisingly easy and the extra 50% damage from criticals helps a lot.

    Magic Rear Attack

    While most people do not get this I believe it is worth some thought. At max it increases mcrit by 15% for back attacks. Many skills offer back attack bonuses such as FWS, EX IWS, and agni. Partying also enables you to back attack easier as enemies will often be focused on the other party members.

    Refer to this thread for more information on back attacks.

    Throw Mastery + Cancel - Item Throw


    Quick Rebound

    A must have for every class. 3s of invincibility frames for only 10sp is amazing. It also gives a short period of super armor immediately after so you can follow up with a skill and not get interrupted. Extremely useful in hellmodes and required in outers.


    Not needed for PvE, we don't have any aerial attacks and have many other retreating skills.


    Conversion will allow any common skill to be switched to magic. This should always be kept on magical. With the introduction of this skill triple slash becomes a viable means of damage.

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    ––––[Common Skills]––––

    Shared skills are available to all classes of slayers. With the introduction of the innovation patch all common skills can be converted to magical damage. Blood lust, bremen, and flip side are considered a steal skill. You must complete a quest from Albert to unlock them. They will cost 2x as much SP as their native class, as such they are not recommended.

    ––––[Blade Master]––––

    Upward Slash + Cancel

    Our launch skill, we get a free level of it and the cancel from lv1. Usually PvE builds just leave it at 1 but there are a few uses to it maxed. It can offer greater time to cast skills such as ASC or agni after launch. The damage lv10 provides is pretty good considering the amount of SP it requires and the CD.

    This skill has incredibly low start up time and provides a brief moment of super armor. This can be extremely useful while being attacked.

    I would recommend leaving this at 1 or as an SP dump for melee builds.


    This skill is a waste of our SP. Other classes such as berserker and WM might need it for poking. But this is for PvE and we have one of the greatest pokes in the game, NWS.


    Perhaps one of the most underrated skills in the entire game, I can not stress this enough. Guard is both a defensive and offensive move enabling you to tank heavy damage while in close proximity to the enemy. The low CD means that we can spam it as well. The CD is unique as it starts immediately when you start the guard, not release it like many other skills.

    Guard stops all attacks that you are facing. Even attacks that are seemingly on the ground (i.e. fire) Guarding an attack will not be counted as a hit towards you and thus you will not receive mind snap bonus. However guard does enable one to go into the counter-attack state and it will increase your evasion from mind's eye.

    Guard's start up is almost instant, there will be a split second after you activate it that you will not be protected.

    It gets even better for us as we can perfect guard. It not only gives us 0 damage and erases the projectile but it generates a rune as well. Perfect guard can block near vertical dropping projectiles if positioned correctly (i.e. rockets, nugol bombs) Perfect guard will not stop large or multi sprite animations (i.e. lasers, FWS, IWS) Be warned as guard will not protect you from status effects such as stun even if you perfect guard.

    Guard is best used to cancel projectiles, prevent knock down from shock waves and protect yourself from unavoidable attacks such as lasers. If you learn how to use guard your efficiency will rise. We need at least lv1 to get ghost orb however I recommend you max this skill as it is very helpful in places such as OV2.

    Cancel - Guard

    Guard cancel in and of itself is an amazing skill as well. Most people don't get this as the 50 SP cost is rather high but it is worth it. If you don't XXX a lot don't get it.

    Ashe Fork

    This is a fairly decent skill. It offers an AOE shockwave that can knock down all enemies as well as damage them. It can be used any time within the air, including backstepping. However there are a couple of problems. Since asuras wear plate armor achieving enough height to initiate the shockwave is difficult without the EX. It will also land you directly in the middle of mobs which doesn't help much except for WR/DE.

    There are much better ways to use your SP.

    Triple Slash

    A great utility skill, can be used for approaching or retreating. With the introduction of conversion it is a viable skill to max along with the EX passive. It has the potential to out-damage ghost slash if all hits connect. However the Y axis is extremely limited in this skill and it can not connect all hits OTG unless the mob is fairly large.

    Cancel - Triple Slash

    Good to have if you max TS.

    Aerial Chain Slash

    Not good for PvE. It may be a tempting move to get at earlier levels because of the airships and other unreachable enemies but NWS will be able to hit them at later levels.

    SS/Kat/Zab/Blud Masteries

    Getting a mastery is a must. The bonus mattack from mastery is what sets us apart from other classes. Furthermore it offers more physical hit rate. The discussion on what type of weapon to use will be covered in a later part of the guide.

    Flip Side Counter (Steal Skill)

    Not recommended, the SP to damage ratio for this is horrible. We don't need this.

    ––––[Soul Bender]––––

    Ghost Slash

    Despite being an SB skill ghost slash is viable for asuras. The damage is comparable to wave radiation at max and has a lower CD. This is very useful for melee asuras as many of our CDs are rather high. It also pushes enemies back into range for wave attacks.

    The asuras hitbox is reduced and pushed forward similar to that of cresent. This can be dangerous at some times as you may lean directly into enemy attacks. The animation delay after cast is relatively long, the push back and knockdown it provides counters this but against super armored opponents this will leave you open.

    Ghost slash+EX's damage was comparable to WR's however it now falls behind with WR+EX and elemental damage.

    Ghost slash is dark element but will also take on other elements from buffs/weapon element. While the activation for this skill is based on cspd the animation is based on aspd. For further reading on ghost slash click here and here.

    Cancel - Ghost Slash

    Only costs 10 SP. Nice to have even if you didn't level GS, a good place to put your extra SP if you have any. Useful for utility.


    Kazan is a good skill if you'd like to stack INT. Because of the 30s duration and CD you can keep it up all the time. The bonus it gives is 97 which makes it better on average than AM. However it is not necessary to have this skill at all.

    Moonlight Slash

    I would not recommend this skill. The damage it provides is absolutely horrible. And since we can not get a 3rd slash it leaves us open after the 2nd.

    Hazy-Eyed Bremen (Steal Skill)

    Not worth the SP. It might prove effective at earlier dungeons but because we can only get 10 levels into it the efficiency of it decreases the high you go.

  8. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt


    Gore Cross

    Pretty fun skill. This skill is somewhat useful because of the nice Y axis it gives. It also works very well as a juggling skill. The CD is fairly low but we also lack a cancel. However since we already have y axis skills and don't need to juggle in PvE this can be omitted from your build.

    The first 2 slashes are melee but the red cross is a projectile.

    Mountainous Wheel

    Another fun skill, we get this free at lv1. It can be useful in some cases as an approach as it gives super armor and gets you in the air. Since this skill is not affected by -jump or -mspd it is nice to have to get out of auras or retreat. This can be left at 1. The longer you hold down the hotkey the farther you will go. Partially charged will yield 2 hits while fully charged will yield 3.

    Blood Lust (Steal Skill)

    This is a secondary grab behind WWS. Most asuras omit this as it is really not needed. It is however a great utility skill. It has the lowest CD of any of our grabs and offers invincibility frames. The range however is rather low and because we have no cancel, in laggy situations it will often not hit.


    Neutral Wave Sword

    By far the best poke within the game. This skill will constitute the bulk of your DPS. The size and damage of this skill combined with the low MP costs make this a must max for every build. The size increase will allow for you to hit enemies both on the ground and in the air with the amazing CD of 2s.

    NWS also has the unique ability to ignore projectile armor.
    [hide="Size Growth"]

    Wave Wheel Slasher

    We also have one of the best grabs in the game. The damage on this skill when combined with the EX is awesome. The X and Y axis for the wheel is pretty large for a melee skill and it offers invincibility frames as well. The Z range on the first hit will allow you to snag any enemies OTG (if cancelled into) or in the air. On top of all of this it will generate a rune after confirmation of a hit.

    While the first slash is considered a melee hit and can take on the element of buffs/weapon element, the wheel itself is affected by projectile armor and will not be knocked down or hit stunned. In some cases while in a party it will not grab enemies if they are being hit a lot.

    Cancel - Wave Wheel Slasher

    Please get this, even if you do not xxx, get it. Cancelling into this will increase the likely-hood of WWS hitting while in a party. Not only that but it can enable you to grab enemies that are not in the native WWS hitbox.
  9. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Common Skill Upgrades]––––

    Basic Attack Power Upgrade

    Not really worth the TP, however, currently we have no new EX sub-class skills so this can be used as a TP dump.

    For further reading on its effects on other skills refer to this thread.

    Neutral Wave Sword Upgrade

    Must max, will provide more damage and size for your NWS.

    Gore Cross Upgrade


    Ghost Slash Upgrade

    More damage for GS is wonderful. Currently it should be a must max if you have GS.

    Triple Slash Upgrade

    Must max if you have TS maxed.

    Ashe Fork Upgrade

    Having this will increase the damage, shockwave, and height requirement.

    Moonlight Slash Upgrade


    Mountainous Wheel Upgrade


    Wave Wheel Slasher Upgrade

    Must max, will allow two more hits in WWS.

    Upward Slash EX

    10% dmg/lv, max lv3.

    Thrust EX


    Guard EX

    25% magic attack absorb, max lv1.

    Kazan EX

    10% Str/Int per level, max lv3.
  10. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Asura Non-cube Skills]––––

    Wave Plate Armor Mastery

    Granted automatically for asuras. Plate mastery offers INT, SPT, MP, HP, cspd, and mp/min. For further reading on how the mastery works refer to this thread.

    Hostility Detection

    Granted automatically for asuras. This skill is pretty awesome it enables us to use less durability for our weapons which saves quite a noticeable amount of money. It also gives us 100 blind tolerance making the asura virtually immune to blindness. We can be blinded but on very rare occasions where our tolerance is reduced. Another perk is that this gives evasion from back attacks, I'm unsure of the exact number but it is noticeable.

    Cancel - Wave Sword

    A great skill. While not all asuras have to get this I highly recommend that you do. This grants the ability to cancel for all 5 wave attacks: NWS, IWS, FWS, IWS EX, FWS EX. It also enables cancelling during the awakening which is very effective for keeping stun lock.

    Wave Manifestation Brand

    Granted automatically for asuras. A must max skill, it gives INT and cspd. On top of that it is needed to activate orb and agni. The INT given at max is 390 with 5 runes which makes it one of the highest INT buffs in the game. You only need to cast this skill once per dungeon and it will remain active unless you run out of mana.

    Switching with +WMB gear will not retain the properties of the higher leveled brands in the newly created ones. It will however retain the generation intervals for items such as C2/C3 and +WMB EX gear. Unlike most skills WMB actually increases in INT per level the higher your level it.

    Ice Wave Sword

    Another must max, this is one of your most important skills. The DPS and ability to freeze make this skill indispensable. Be warned, the speed at which the ice spikes protrude is rather sluggish and the first spike will form from the tip of your sword. To supplement this it is recommended that you back step or uppercut before you cast. This skill is considered a projectile.

    Mind Snap!

    A nice passive buff, it helps asuras regain MP from their rather high MP cost skills. The relatively low SP cost and the fact that it needs not be cast make this a great skill to use in builds. It also gives a noticeable INT buff and can be stacked up to 5 times. You must be hit or evade in order for it to activate, being hit with guard up will not activate it.

    Wave Radiation

    One of our best herding skills it knocks back all enemies towards the direction you are facing. This skill has enormous Y and Z axis and is great for setting up your other waves. Besides the herding this skill has impressive damage. The Z axis is not infinite.

    This skill is rather weird in that it has 2 types of attacks. It seems that the outer part is affected by projectile armor while the inner is not.

    Ghost Orb

    An absolutely astounding skill, this will account for a lot of your burst damage. Capable of stun locking enemies and doing extraordinary damage this skill should be maxed. This skill has no CD but it will eat all of your current runes. This means that your attacking power will be slightly less directly after casting. It does dark damage with the exception of the explosion.

    On top of this it always does the maximum amount of hits, regardless of misses. Because of this nature it is not wise to use against several opponents. It should always be used against only 1 enemy.

    The biggest role that orb has is to stun lock. This is your only option for some enemies other than quaker as many can not be grabbed by agni or frozen. It will also give you enough time to throw your other skills while the enemy is stun locked. This skill is considered as a projectile.

    For further reading on ghost orb refer to this thread and this thread. On how to use orb will be discussed in the PvE section.

    Cancel - Ghost Orb

    Do not get this skill, it is a waste of SP. Casting orb from XXX will often end up in you getting interrupted. On top of that the enemy will most likely not receive full damage of orb as it will be created on top of the enemy and pass through it before registering maximum hits.

    Spirit Crescent

    The damage from this skill is very nice and you need at least 1 level in this to get ASC. This skill can hit an enemy multiple times for an average of around 2~3 hits. It also pushes enemies back and works very will in conjunction with FWS. This skill is a projectile.

    This skill is affected by hit stop, meaning the more enemies that are being attacked by this skill the more damage it will do because of the hit intervals. Same goes with ASC.

    Asura Spirit Crescent

    ASC is needed to generate a rune, it must also be fully charged. It increases speed, damage, and size of crescent while increasing the charge time. The added size will enable it to hit enemies in the air. Because this skill is needed to generate a rune most builds will max crescent as the damage is good and you'll be spamming it. A rune will be generated immediately after you let go of the hotkey regardless if the crescent forms or not.

    This skill will leave you very open before and after the attack so be sure to position yourself accordingly. While charging it will grant the awakening passive evasion. This is the only asura skill that you can keep charged for an indefinite amount of time.

    The charging animation for this skill is deceptive. The small circle that pops up around you is meant to indicate that the skill is charged, however it will be finished a short time before the circle. You can release ASC at this time for the full damage and rune output.

    Murderous Wave

    This skill damages all enemies surrounding you that are in the aura. The damage itself is fixed and only does piercing damage. This comes in handy for high mdef enemies and can be a considerable boost to your dps. At lv5 (pre-req for many skills) it can do around 1k damage ticks, at max it can do around 3k. The visual animation for enemies being damaged is that they pulsate pink.

    It also gives a mcrit/pcrit buff to you and your party members in the aura. This works very well with asura mcrit stacking.

    Unfortunately the MP upkeep for murderous is extremely high. Because it is an aura and does not register as a hit it will come in handy for enemies that counter your hits. i.e. relic. This skill will also make most enemies aggro you, very useful to protect other party members and get hits for mind snap.

    Murderous wave's damage is dependent on your INT/independent damage when the enemy enters the aura. If your INT fluctuates the damage will remain the same as long as it is within the aura. Items such as elenore and screaming necklace will not increase the damage of murderous but independent/base damage will.

    +MW items/C3 MW dmg can be swapped and it will retain the values of the initial casting. It can be disenchanted.
  11. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Asura Cube Skills]––––

    Fire Wave Sword

    This skill never misses! The damage it generates is nice and the range is as well. This skill is composed of 2 hits. The first is generated from your sword and will push any enemies away from you. The second is an explosion that makes up most of the damage from this skill. The explosion is capable of hitting enemies in the air. The first hit is affected by projectile armor, the skill is fire element.

    As your first cube skill the damage this does is impressive. However most builds do not max it as the SP can be used for the other asura cube skills. Comparatively the damage from this to ground quaker is much less. It still is a very good skill though and you'll need 5 in it for pre-reqs.

    Deadly Enticer

    Enticer is one of your more useful moves in terms of utility. It is a very unique skill in DFO for many reasons. First it requires mind snap active in order to cast. It will then produce a vacuum effect while raising your defense and enabling super armor. Press the skill button again or wait too long and you will then slash any mob near you as well as produce a shockwave. The type of mob and the number of hits will affect the damage it produces. The number of mobs will determine the size of the shockwave, there is no limit. No mobs hit by the slash will produce no shockwave. The shockwave tends to push mobs behind yourself so be mindful of this when herding.

    First off the damage for this skill isn't amazing. Even at full damage it can't compare to some of your other cube skills. The vacuum effect has been buffed and will now pull enemies efficiently. The utility uses are amazing, especially in outers, hellmode, and towers. You can use this skill while in hitstun! Not many skills share this property.

    Be very wary when using it as your mdef doesn't rise. It is also possible to get grabbed. Using it for too many or hard hitting enemies may result in death.

    For more reading refer to Skeigh's guide.

    Ground Quaker

    There are several interesting properties about this skill that make it unique. Firstly it is a super grab, it can grab all enemies that get caught within it's radius. This is extremely helpful for party play as well as soloing. The enemies that are caught within the radius will not be able to move for the duration of the skill, even if you die or are status afflicted.

    The explosion causes splash damage around every enemy within the radius. This means that the more enemies that are caught, the more damage it will do. Party member skills that can gather enemies (i.e. black hole, spiral) make quaker even more effective.

    This is one of your most powerful skills. Agni and orb compare to its damage but they use your runes. It is well worth the SP to raise it past the recommended 1.

    There are some down sides to quaker though. For the whole duration of the skill you are vulnerable to attack even though your hit box is reduced. This can be deadly in some situations i.e. skasa, borodin. It also means that you must be very very attentive at your timing. Many high level bosses have wake up invincibility and other frames which will make you miss. There will also be the odd occasion where enemies can attack or come out of the grab through scripted ai i.e. Michelle, Meron, Agram. The Z axis is rather small but it is ground quaker after all.

    [hide="Size Growth"]

    Agni Pentacle

    One of our most damaging skills, this grabs enemies and hits them continuously with encircling balls. The number of balls generated depends on the number of runes you currently have. Hitting the hotkey or x will make the balls move faster, doing more damage. This skill can only grab grabbable enemies, this means that if wws can't grab it neither can this skill.

    The balls are affected by projectile armor. Even though the asura says, "Agni fire," it is not of the fire element. It is neutral damage.

    Mind's Eye

    The passive awakening. It gives an extraordinary amount of evasion but only on counter attacks. This means that you will only receive the bonus while attacking, either by using xxx or skills. Charging for attacks is considered for counters.

    You will gain a level in this from awakening. Some asuras get it, some don't. It will help a lot to not get interrupted during attacks. This skill will benefit melee players a lot more because most of the time they will be in a counter attack state.

    Wave Eye

    The active awakening. Requires murderous to be active upon cast, can be uncasted after wards. The asura has super armor while casting this skill. Most people know this as the cool skill that GSD uses and many want to max it. Take very careful consideration before you do. This skill has absolutely immense SP costs, you could max 2 or 3 other skills with the SP it takes to max this. Because it is a transformation awakening, unlike a lot of others, it will not do all of its damage right away.

    This skill will change your xxx attacks from physical into magical. Upon completion of xxx it will create a wheel that pushes enemies back. The wheel itself does several multi-hits and damage, this is very good to proc off of. The wheels do no stack and if you xxx again the existing wheel will disappear and be replaced by a new one. You can easily hit stun lock enemies or otg lock them by just using the wheel. Keep in mind that generating wheels is based on your attack speed. The wheel is considered a projectile.

    It will also change NWS, IWS, and FWS attacks. These waves damages are only dependent on the level of wave eye. All of the wave eye attacks are considered neutral and IWS will no longer freeze. These 3 skills will not consume MP.

    NWS will change into a wing animation. It will not have as much X axis but it does gain a considerable amount of Y axis. The wings will bunch up all enemies that get hit and push them in front of you. It will also give you super armor for the duration of the skill.

    IWS will change into spikes. The animation starts away from you and gets closer. The range is rather long and the first spike will start off screen. It can pull enemies towards you.

    FWS changes into a bunch of spears that are generated from behind, they then dart forward with slight homing before converging ahead of you. Each spear will do damage and because some spears are generated somewhat high on the z axis enemies OTG will not receive full damage.

    Wave eye also has a debuffing aura. It reduces enemy hit rate and attack speed. The attack speed debuff is very good and can just hit stun lock bosses when combined with the wheel. Take note that the aspd debuff aura is much much smaller than the hit rate debuff.

    When the duration of wave eye is complete the screen is covered with eyes before shattering dealing fixed damage to all enemies within the aura. The ending of the skill can be forced by using the skill again before the duration is up, this will unfortunately end the awakening too.

    Great Ice Wave Sword

    Get it, the damage is absolutely amazing. The pillars will shoot out almost instantly unlike the sluggish IWS and will stay there for a few moments damaging and freezing any enemy that happens to walk into it. The explosion afterward does incredible damage and has fairly decent y axis as well. The x axis on this skill is very nice too and will reach far off of the screen. Like IWS it is considered a projectile.

    Great Fire Wave Sword

    This skill does very good damage but only if you are able to keep the enemy within the bubble for the entire duration. The first and second hit works much like the normal FWS. The bubble generated from the explosion will damage and burn targets within it. Skills like GQ, GO, agni etc will help you keep enemies within the bubble. The first hit is affected by projectile armor.
  12. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Asura Skill Upgrades]––––

    Murderous Wave Upgrade

    Do not be mislead! This will only increase the range and potency of the attack debuff. It will not affect the damage aura at all. The EX will give a 4% damage reduction debuff per level. There is a 5% debuff upon getting the EX. This means at lv1 you will have 9%, lv2 13%, etc. Seeing as this is only a defensive skill and TP is tight almost no one gets this passive.

    Wave Manifestation Brand Upgrade

    Increased brand duration (2s/lv) and generation (-1s/lv) are nice but asuras are very tight on TP. Ceave's Talisman will grant +1, enabling you to get 4~5 runes up without WWS, guard, or ASC. Good for meleeing as you wont have to fuss with ASC. For the most part generating 5 runes is not much of a problem though.

    For further reading refer to this thread

    Ghost Orb Upgrade

    Must max if you get maxed orb, will increase hit stun duration and damage a considerable amount. Each level gives +3 hits.

    Ice Wave Sword EX

    Only has one level for the passive but costs 4tp. +3 shards and +15% damage.

    Wave Radiation EX

    12% dmg/lv, max lv3.

    Spirit Crescent EX

    12% dmg/lv, max lv3.

    Fire Wave Sword EX

    12% dmg/lv, max lv2.

    Deadly Enticer EX

    Pdef +12%, range +100 pixels, suction +15% per level. Max lv 2.

    Agni Pentacle EX

    12% dmg/lv, max lv2.

  13. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Quest Point Passives]––––

    + Strength

    Wont need this.

    + Intelligence

    Highly recommended if not a must have.

    + Vitality

    Many players choose to get spirit instead of this passive. However at end game you wont have many problems with mana if you get mp regen and you'd want the extra HP for places like outers and ancients.

    + Spirit

    As stated above many do choose to get this. It will offer a decent bonus to your mana and mp regen, however IMO it can be omitted. MP regen will offer better bonuses at a cheaper cost.

    + Movement Speed

    I highly recommend getting this. Mspd is very important, especially in higher level dungeons and if you're melee build.

    + Physical Critical Hit


    + Magical Critical Hit

    Of course you'd want to stack magic crit. Getting this with MW and the SP passive will bring you up to around 30%.

    + Hit Rate

    A must have since weapon mastery doesn't affect most of your attacks. You will miss often on kings without this passive.

    + Evasion

    Another advocated skill. Stacking with mind's eye will grant around 37% evasion on counters which is a lot.

    + HP Replenish

    Some decide to get this skill, I personally don't have it so I can't really comment much on this. It's nice to have if you don't want to burn pots but I feel there are others that should take priority.

    + MP Replenish

    With the innovation patch there is a considerable amount of MP problems even with mind snap. This will solve most of your problems. Spirit will give much less MP regen than this skill.

    + Elemental Attack

    The enormous amount of 700 QP for a 5% bonus in your elemental attacks must be taken into consideration. For many I would not recommend this skill over the defensive properties of other skills. Likewise it is not worth it if you don't plan on using elemental pots or a weapon with elemental damage.

    + All Elemental Resist


    + All Base Attack Strength

    Much like elemental attack. Since the average is around 1000 base damage for a lv70 asura this will increase your fixed damage skills by roughly 5%.
  14. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt


    Many people have the notion that if a single skill is good it should be maxed. However a build is how all of your skills work together towards completing a certain task. Furthermore there is not one single 'perfect' build. There are several aspects to PvE and many people decide to fight different things whether it be solo or in a party. All of these must be taken into account before you create your build.

    In regards to playing style there are 2 major categories, ranged and melee. Ranged refers to using skills from far away and having limited contact with the enemy. Because of this you'll get hit less often and not use xxx. Melee refers to being in close proximity of the enemy most of the time utilizing cancels and asura's close combat skills. This play style is much faster pace.

    There are of course hybrid builds but I'll leave that up to you.

    The following skill suggestions are not a must have. They are merely skills that are categorized according to their properties and game play effectiveness.

    Skills that benefit all game play styles:
    • Guard
    • NWS
    • IWS
    • Radiation
    • Orb
    • Quaker
    • Agni
    • Mind's Eye

    • SC
    • FWS

    • GS+EX+Cancel
    • TS+EX+Cancel
    • Guard+EX+Cancel
    • WWS+EX+Cancel
    • WMB EX
    • MW
    • Enticer

    While most asura skills are hybrid they do lean towards one or the other. Going one way or the other will highly depend on your gear. Percent skills have greater potential as piercing damage ignores defense. However having fixed skills is also a viable option if you do not want to have a highly reinforced weapon. ​

    • Ghost Slash
    • WWS
    • Ghost Orb
    • GQ
    • Wave Eye
    • Enticer
    • NWS
    • TS

    • IWS + EX
    • FWS + EX
    • Radiation
    • Murderous Wave
    • Agni
    • SC/ASC

    For partying you must think in terms of how it will serve the party as a whole. As stated your holding moves (IWS+EX,GQ,GO,Agni) should be used as often as possible to allow your party members to do damage. Unlike soloing you need not worry about mana consumption or your own health as much. Positioning and interruption will also not be as big a factor because the enemy will most often be interested in another player or hit stun locked.​

    • SC
    • FWS
    • GO+EX
    • Mind Snap doesn't need to be leveled, although this depends on the dungeons you do.
    • Agni could be left at 1, think hard before making that decision though.
    • GQ same with agni, the holding times do not increase with levels.
    • MW

    For soloing you'd want to do as much damage possible without getting killed, unlike partying you must think both offensively and defensively. Because your damage can not compare to a parties you'll possibly be in dungeons longer as well so mana is a concern.​

    • Guard
    • WWS+EX
    • Mind Snap
    • GO+EX
    • GQ
    • Enticer
    • Agni

    I'm also going to go ahead and categorize DPS and burst damage skills. Generally speaking DPS skills are low CD, non cube skills while burst are the opposite. Burst skills are usually used for bosses, champion monsters, and clearing entire rooms while DPS skills are used for everything.​

    • GS
    • NWS
    • WWS
    • IWS
    • Radiation
    • ASC
    • MW
    • TS

    • AM
    • GO
    • FWS+EX
    • IWS EX
    • Enticer
    • GQ
    • Agni
    • Wave Eye

    Again the listed skills are not a must have for the type of play style you choose. Don't get a skill that you won't use a lot, sounds obvious but people do it. In short as long as you get a good amount of DPS and burst skills your asura should be fine in most dungeons and situations.

    For examples of other player's builds refer to this thread.
    • Skeleton Build: All skills in this build are highly recommended and it is used by most. Don't forget to choose katana or short sword mastery.
    • Ranged Build
    • Melee Build
      Zabanto Builds:
      Some people choose zabanto build because of the asura that got an all kill in a tournament. Just FYI that was pre-SI and they are horrible in PvE.
  15. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Game Mechanics]––––

    Asura Base Stats
    • Independent damage: 685
    Elemental Skills:
    • GS: Dark
    • IWS/EX: Water
    • FWS/EX: Fire
    • GO: Dark (Explosion is neutral)
    Skills affected by SS CD/MP increase:
    • NWS
    • WWS
    • GS
    • MLS
    • DE
    • GQ
    • Wave Eye
    Skills affected by Katana CD/MP reduction:
    • Upward Slash
    • Thrust
    • Ashe
    • TS
    • GC
    • Mountainous
    • ACS

    Independent/Base magic attack strength:
    • The current formula is: (Base Attack Value*Independent Dmg)(1 + INT/250)
    • Refer to this thread for the base values.
    Magic attack strength:
    • Matt received from gear/enchants other than your sword will not be modified by weapon mastery.
    • Piercing is not affected by INT. It is only affected by certain modifiers such as elenore and screaming neck.
    • Piercing damage will only affect percent skills.
    • Katana
    • Short Sword
    Elemental Damage:
    • Neutral damage skills will take the element of your weapon.
    • Instead of elemental damage on a weapon, it can be supplemented with pots. There are no pots for light element and water pots are rare.
    • There are no inflict water card enchantments.
    • 2:1 ratio. 2 elemental damage will increase damage for skills of that element by 1%.
    • The same ratio applies for resistances. This means that every elemental damage you have will negate elemental resists.
    • Elemental damage does not affect piercing.

    Elemental damage will be one of the biggest damage modifiers you will have end game. As such it is necessary to stack as much as you can. 50 is a safe number to go by and it is fairly easy to achieve however more is, of course, better.


    Gear and Masteries
    Freezing Proc
    Burning and Freezing
    Hit Rate:
    • Hit rate from weapon mastery only applies to your physical attacks. This means that you must supplement your hit rate from passives and gear. Misses will affect your DPS.

    Monster Defenses
    Projectile Armor
    Difficulty Differences

    Hellmode Drops

    Katana vs Short Sword
    Melee vs Ranged
    Wave Eye
    Fire Wave
    Elemental Damage
    Independent vs Attack Strength Vs INT
    Fixed Damage vs Percent Damage
    Agni Vs Orb
    Mp/Min vs Spirit
    Mp/Min vs INT
    Bonus gear vs Current gear
  16. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt


    In general for armor always try to get seals with INT on them. Armor isn't that big of a deal regarding the level of the item but know that higher level seals means more stats from armor mastery and seal boosts.

    As for weapons you will always want to get the highest level weapon until you get your end-game weapon. The increased mattack and int will be very noticeable. There is also the bonus of having increased independent attack and exo. Pinks and epics will have better stats than purples in all fields.

    Accessories on the other hand do not need to be changed every few levels. Their primary purpose is to give specific bonuses although more mdef is always nice as well.

    I highly recommend that you do not purchase legacies/pinks/upgrades unless they are for end game purposes or to last you at least 15 levels. The speed at which you level will render many gear obsolete in a short amount of time. So unless you really want an item I suggest not purchasing these. The exception would be when you're around lv60 you might want to add some upgrades to your sword although you can get away with a +0.

    You should always opt for at least advanced avatars. Get hair/hat/bottom first as that int and hp will help a lot at lower levels. Since avatars need not be changed from lv1~70 they are a very good investment and should be bought ASAP. If you're tight on money get at least 1 avatar for the 5% exp bonus.

    Also try and get at least one pet early on, some of them are very cheap and will grant a bonus 5% mana/exp. The pet can also level up with you so the earlier the better.

    There are several choices for end game gear depending on your budget/build. The ones listed are recommended end-game gear, as such they will be rather expensive and hard to obtain.

    With the addition of the gear book(equiptionary) it is much easier to learn about items and where they drop from.

    Refer to this guide to see which items stack and which don't.

    If an equip has parenthesis there are several different variations (i.e. elements) of the equip. Stats listed with an (M) means that the stat is variable and is the max. Stats listed with an (A) mean that they are the average stats. Those not listed with parenthesis and a letter mean that the stat is fixed and can not be changed.


    Short Sword:
    65 Legacy, Handon Gladius of Filleint: Inflict water damage, +1 all slayer skills. Special skills excluded.
    50 Epic, Ghost Sword Elenore**: One of the best sword for asuras. The damage will increase all hits by 30%, fixed, percentage, and piercing. Refer to the bottom of the page for more information.
    65 Epic, Floo's Grudge Sword: 4% chance to cast Floo's soul scream.
    60 Pink, Infractus: Very good for mcrit stacking.
    65 Pink, Ancient Ruins Bronze Sword: +2 WMB, +2 MW, +1 Agni.
    65 Pink, Titanic Pallasche: +1 WMB, +61(A) Independent damage.

    65 Legacy, Aviya of Filleint: Inflict water damage, +1 all slayer skills. Special skills excluded.
    65 Pink, Titanic Misogi: +1 WMB, +59(A) Independent damage.
    65 Pink, Killjoy's Quicksilver Blade: +5 Aspd, -30% TS CD.
    60 Epic, Ultimate Arandra Blade: 5% to have magic XXX for 20s.
    65 Epic, Aranea Net***: 2% immobilizing chance, 10% to bleed an enemy from being hit.


    55 Pink, Siev's Masterpiece - Proof of Concept: +18(M) shadow damage.
    58 Pink, Necklace of Deadly Screams: 8% P/M Damage, 58 unique.
    65 Pink, Enchanced Titan Necklace: +61(A) Independent damage. Useful if you're stacking independent damage.
    65 Pink, Blue Snowstorm Necklace: +14(M) Water damage.
    55 Epic, Soul Chaser: 20% P/M Damage buff for 60s, can stack twice. Will not affect piercing or fixed damage.

    55 Pink, Holy Mithril Relic: -5% damage received, 3% to inflict light element for 30s.
    58 Pink, Bracelet of Deadly Screams: 7% P/M crit, very good if you're stacking it.
    65 Pink, Skeleton Bracelet: Gives 2% evasion, good for stacking although most opt for damage.

    55 Pink, Ancient Elven Ring: 9% INT buff for 20s, can stack twice.
    55 Pink, Black Pearl Mist: 20% magic counter attack damage.
    60 Pink, Enchanced Titan Ring: +53(A) Independent damage.
    50 Epic, (Element) Spirit Ring: +16(M) elemental damage.
    55 Epic, Abel Ring: +43(A) Independent damage. +31.2 HP regen.
    55 Epic, Banishing Finger: 30% damage to demons, good for hellmode and some dungeons.


    Immortal King Borodin: 2% eva, aspd, cspd, mspd. Max HP/MP.
    Iron Scale Admiral: 2% aspd, cspd, mspd. Max HP, Vortis' blessing buff.


    60 Epic, Angry Witch Red Blouse: 2% mspd, 10% crit dmg. Note it is cloth.
    60 Epic, Ancient Ruins Guardian Armor: -7% damage received.
    68 Unique, Black Plague Dark Wolf Armor: Armor Int +86(A)

    68 Unique, Black Plague Dark Wolf Coil: 10% Counter attack strength.


    Red: INT
    Green: Eva or Mcrit
    Yellow: Aspd or Cspd
    Blue: Hit rate
    Platinum/Multi: You can figure it out.

    ––––[Sub Equip]––––

    Sub Equip*:
    65 Purple, Shadow Mist: Magic Attack Strength +23-29
    70 Purple, Mutated Exorcism Staff: Magic Attack Strength +32(A)
    70 Purple, Seal of Enlightenment - Asura: +1 GO EX
    60 Pink, Vaughns Noble Gloves: Magical Attack Strength +61(A)
    60 Pink, Song of Himan Stella - Asura: +1 MW EX, +1 NWS EX.
    65 Pink, Kane's Stabbing Gloves: Magical Attack Strength +66(A)
    65 Pink, Ceave's Talisman: +1 NWS EX, +1 WMB EX.
    60 Epic, Siran's Ashen Gloves: Magic Attack Strength +102(A)
    60 Epic, Warlord Talisman - Asura: +1 WMB EX, NWS EX, MW EX

    Magic Stone:
    65 Pink, Elven Warrior's Medal - Asura: +1 IWS EX
    65 Pink, Harmony Stone of Domination: 5% attacking for +100 INT, -100 STR. Stacks twice.
    65 Pink, Titan's Reinforcement Bead: +113(A) Independent damage.
    65 Pink, (Spirit) Tear: +30(M) elemental damage
    65 Pink, Fused Ordinary Spirit Tear: +18(A) all elemental damage
    65 Pink, Diamond Totem Pole Fragment: +87(M) all stats
    65 Epic, Iris's Momento - Asura: +1 IWS EX, FWS EX
    65 Epic, (Spirit) Tear: +45(M) elemental damage
    65 Epic, Fused High Spirit Tear: +28(A) all elemental damage
    65 Epic, Samm Jang's Meditation: +188(A) Independent Damage
    65 Epic, Platoni's Gold Stone: +107(A) all stats


    Hat: INT
    Hair: INT
    Face: ASPD, Abnormal (For ranged/resh)
    Torso: ASPD, Abnormal (For ranged/resh)
    Top: WMB
    Bottom: HP
    Waist: EVA
    Shoes: MSPD, VIT
    Skin: Pdef


    Grave Skeleton Mini: 3% evasion & hit rate, +10 int & str.
    Marbas: 10% attack strength for 20s. 2% magic crit.
    Barghest/Cerebus: 3% hit rate, +10 Inventory, +2 mspd, +25 int & str.
    Cannoneer Leah: 3% aspd, mspd, cspd, +15 int, +20 exo.
    Sleighing Jimmy: +30 int, 2% mcrit for 20s. +25 int, 2% mspd.
    Jimmy: +30 int, 2% cspd for 20s. +15 int.

    *Sub Equips: Regarding the stat-only sub equips it'd be cheaper to get something with WMB on it as one level will increase your int by around 30 with 5 runes.

    **Elenore: As of Innovation it is no longer possible to buy it from Grandis' shop. It must be obtained from a random hellmode drop.

    First off a consistent 30% damage increase is extremely rare for weapons and maybe one or two have the same effect. Secondly that 30% will always remain constant despite piercing, criticals, and counters. Thirdly the 30% damage is counted as another hit. This means you are twice as likely to proc i.e. ancient elven ring. Furthermore the second hit from elenore may crit.

    This is why, especially when highly reinforced, elenore is considered the best sword for asura.

    ***Aranea Net: Nexon did a horrible translation with this sword. The simple vs detailed descriptions have so many contradictions. However this sword will be good just for its raw magic attack.
  17. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Equipment Cont.]––––

    ––––[Magic Seals]––––

    ––––[2nd Chronicle 2]––––

    ––––[Chronicle 3]––––


    Weapon: Int, Matt, Inflict Element
    Accessory: Elemental dmg, independent dmg
    Top/Bottom: Int, Matt
    Shoulder: Mcrit, Int Bead
    Belt: HP, Int Bead
    Shoe: HP
    Title: Int, Matt
    Sub Equip: Matt
  18. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Equipment Explained]––––
  19. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt


    General Combat:
    MP Efficiency
    -Mana Nostrum
    -Level scaling
    -Gear, Enchanting
    Casting/Start up Times
    Party classes
    -Good classes

    How to spend money:


    Stacking skills/stats:

    Boss Fights:
    Burst Damage

    Free Stuff:
    • Get all your alts to at least lv20. Do drill quests for them (the in town ones at least)
    • If you are an alchemist (which is very useful) make your alts alchs as well (need them lv2 alch), this will ensure that you will have as many mats as you need (Lorianne dailies) for potions as long as you have colored cubes (which should be easy if you choose cubes for drill rewards)
    • Mercenary deployment for lv70s.
  20. Sie_Sayoka Noriginal's alt

    ––––[Dungeon Walk-through]––––

    There shouldn't be a need for dungeon walkthoughs for any regular dungeon. I will provide walkthroughs for outers, ancients, and towers.

    Will briefly go over hellmodes as well and possibly oceanic dungeons.

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