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Is anyone interested in Arad Senki?

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  1. NGGenesis Meet my little friends... they're a blast!

    New Generation
    I recently started playing on Japanese servers due to my move to Japan a year ago, so I am currently looking for a group of people who play out here who already have a guild or are interested in starting one with me. I understand DFOG is out and there is no reason for anyone to play in Japan but for anyone in situations where they are forced to change servers like I did I would like to have a community for them.

    If I have to make a guild I am planning on naming it "New Generation" and it will be there for any help of those who do not speak Japanese. I currently do not know much Japanese but if people are interested in the idea I will definitely spend some of my free time learning for my guilds sake. Also if people are interested I will look into assisting making accounts for Japanese accounts.

    I eventually will leave Japan but if enough people come around and join me I will stay active in my account & DFOG.
    If anyone is interested let me know or if they have a guild already I am absolutely fine joining a already formed one, just want to find my own little community to play with while I am playing.
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