Anyone run Anton on this class yet?

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  1. Laande Third best girl

    No idea how well he will do but he exists.

    Also please dont' ask me shit. I know nothing about this class at all.
  2. Mr. Sly Guest

    They posted a few Anton runs with a duelist joining the party.

    Noticed a couple things.
    1. Ranger seemed to be doing most of the work dps-wise lol.
    2. Duelist's 2nd awakening can still continue as normal even if it doesn't grab an enemy? That's neat.
    3. The hell with duelist's meso cyclone in these vids? OV gear or epics that make is so huge?
  3. Tanuki moving at incredbl hihg sped

    hes using parrying spearman chron set that increases the cyclone range. He might not be MVP for damage but zoning on lancer is so easy you can set up damage when the time comes
  4. Mr. Sly Guest

    The range is bizarre, glad he has more than just dps as an option to be viable though. Like you said though, he groups mobs really nicely. Some minor form of utility for Anton, but I'm sure people will be much nit-pickier when he comes to DFOG. So does this mean their OV sets are no longer in testing and are confirmed now? Any info on what was kept and what got modified?
  5. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    They've had OV sets for awhile and they've already been translated. I think everything should be correct except maybe a c2/c3 switch.

    Hard to use regular Anton as a judge for much of anything. That guy's basically is getting hard carried by that Ranger.
  6. Mr. Sly Guest

    I knew they were out/translated but I thought they were only in the test server for a long while :S. Well if the effects stayed the same, shouldn't be hard to replace with some good legendaries/epics.

    I mean, at the very least, he can do normal anton to get geared anyways. I actually don't know to much about the anton dungeon differences and how they're organized/arranged so I'm probably a bad judge as far as damage goes(though it's pretty obvious that ranger carried the fem slayer and duelist).
  7. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Lol nah, they've been on main server for quite some time.

    The biggest issue I have with those vids is that he's getting hard carried. It would be nice if he actually was participating as a main damage dealer. Just have to be careful with regular anton party vids because the dungeons aren't very hard once you get enough gear/experience.
  8. Mr. Sly Guest

    Yeah, sadly there's not much out there at the moment that I can find. Only looked like he provided some utility for the most part. Tbh, I wasn't going to say anything because maybe the sader/ranger are really well geared and suited for the dungeon but... They really did make normal anton look pretty simple and to the point. It makes me wonder if the anton raid will be as anxiety inducing as when OV was a new thing in old dfo. Where groups HAD to cooperate/coordinate dps to complete the dungeon or it was gg. Actually made the game pretty hardcore/intense in that way, I still remember OV2 taking a good hour to finish and people only taking the best geared in. Despite the split casual/hardcore player I am, I kinda want that feeling back. It made some good end game content and brought a lot of players together(and god knows dfog needs more reasons for us to party together).

    I'm getting off track now though, what exactly should I be typing to find kdnf Anton runs or duelist videos on youtube? I translate from english to korean "duelist Anton raid" or even just "dnf duelist" but I never find much. Just happened to find these on the kdnf main page.
  9. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Anton Raid and Anton Normals are very very different. Raid actually requires coordination between 20 different people. Normals are a pain, but aren't as bad. Hell, the last few times I've ran normals on my Sader, I duo'd them with my friends DT. Took about 10 mins to finish all the dungeons? Granted, we both are pretty damn experienced at it and the duo was a decent sader and a geared as hell DT, but still. I'm sure Anton Normals will give you that feeling back when they come out.

    Only thing I could suggest would be to type in something like "DnF 듀란달" and see what that gets you. Probably won't find a lot of vids considering its a relatively new class, but you never know.
  10. Mr. Sly Guest

    I figured that much but I also heard there's specific schedules for them and idk if the dungeons are in a string together or if they're different dungeons to select from like OV is set up. Just little things like that, I can figure out the individual dungeon detail stuff later but it's nice to know in the mean time how the dungeons are classified/organized together lol. Also google translate: "Dnf Dyurandal". God damn... how would I know this spelling lmao. It's like I have to translate from english to korean back to english back to korean to get the proper spelling into youtube rofl. Fair enough, I wonder what the regular name for subclasses is for kdnf. The sub name, awaken name, or 2nd awaken name.

    Anywho, I just hope the duelist doesn't have the kinda reputation for anton raid that makes them obsolete for groups. Vanguard definitely has burst/dps covered but aside from some minor utilities, duelist doesn't provide anything unique except for their dps perhaps. That's been a concern since day one of their release for many though lol. Overall I'm curious where they fit on the "tier list" for subclasses.... Are they potentially godly like m.rangers, or kinda "meh" like fem brawlers(no offense to anyone, just off the top of my head guess lol)? Assuming we get the ridiculous anton raid with that damage reduction... parties need a sader, a soul bender or equivalent, a utility holder and a proper dps. Only seeing them potentially being the latter.... And that seems to be the pickiest spot for anton groupd.

    tl;dr: Will duelists be considered "good enough" for anton, or will they be iffy like some other classes?
  11. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Well, Anton Normals only has 5 dungeons and you go through each 1 by 1 until you finish. Raid has more dungeons and requires a lot more team coordination, etc.
    Also, the DFO wiki has the Korean names for each class. Just go to Duelist's page and you'll see they have "듀란달" under the 2nd awakening name, which is Korean for Durandal. The names you know right now are the Korean names (Duelist, Highlander, Durandal). DFO hasn't even given them a name so you don't have to worry about that right now.

    As to how the classes play out, it's still too early to tell. Right now I'd say Vanguard is in a slightly better spot than Duelist, but Duelist is still good. They've got a lot of multi-hits and a few "holds" so I can see them getting some play in the future. Definitely not as bad as they were before 2nds though, which is a great thing.

    On a personal note, don't worry yourself too much as to whether a class is good at Anton or not. If the class looks fun to you, then play it (or in this case, watch vids until they come out). I've said it before, any class can participate in Anton Raid. Don't let that effect your decisions while playing this game.
  12. Mr. Sly Guest

    Oh definitely not. I plan the main the fk outta this sub lol. I just still have pstd from my times as a male grap when people hated partying with them for OV(ofc now I see why with how many baddies made them look horrid... Aside form the glitching and etc the subclass did have issues with anyways). I remember that being a minor setback to end game content back then, I adored the class but because it wasn't overall accepted... There were times I was denied end game content and pre-judged based off that. Whether it was because of how glitchy the sub was to some people... Internet connections being bad which meant m.graps couldn't grab anything... or just the fact that at the time their damage was overall considered inferior to a majority of other subclasses. I still don't let that rule me maining a class but it's still comforting to know that the sub you play the most won't be pointed at by everyone and considered "a red flag" for end game content.

    Also that wiki thing is actually very helpful... Never noticed that on the before. If I could give you multiple ratings in this thread I would've twice now lol.
  13. EdwinLi

    The combo damage :)
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