Anyone run Anton on this class yet?

Discussion in 'Lancer' started by Mr. Sly, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Mr. Sly Guest

    Just curious how they handle in anton, if anyone has yet lol.
  2. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    They handle Anton just about as good as they do everywhere else. Terribly.
  3. Mr. Sly Guest

    Geez... they really have no good potential? Are they the new bottom tier class of dfo?
  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Right now they desperately need 2nd awakening. Both classes have serious flaws that need attention.

    If you play a class with full dark goth (yes, even a physical class) and your damage chart looks like this...


    You're in trouble.

    I have no doubt that both of these classes can potentially be good in the future. But if the key issues are not addressed with 2nd awakening, then I don't foresee a solid future for Lancer
  5. Mr. Sly Guest

    jesus christ... I'm not even sure 2nd awakening would help the class get good now... I'm still thrilled to play it but what the hell?...
  6. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    2nd awakening has done wonders for some classes in the past, so we shall see.

    Right now it's terrible. Believe me, I'm a massive fan of both sub-classes but holy shit it's painful to play either of them in their current state.
  7. Mr. Sly Guest

    I mean when I think of classes that their 2nd awakening helped out tremendously.... I usually remember them getting some nerf in the future. Male rangers for example. Some had their 2nd awakening help but they were never that bad to begin with, like male mechs and asuras. So if they find a way, sure... Just so long as they don't pull a fast one like they did m.rangers =.=...
  8. BlackDawn Fuck JavaScript

    VagrantEX, Auxilium
  9. Mr. Sly Guest

    Geez.. really looks like the ugly duckling in the group with no 2nd awakening or anything different to provide to the table.... Glad to see how fast a revenant can be even without low hp though. The ending was the only good thing to watch :x, and the sader was keeping his eye on him the whole time lol.
  10. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Think more of Rogue then. I still maintain that Rogue's got one of the best 2nd awakenings in the game. The 2nd awakening itself was solid and they fixed a majority of the classes issues. And to my knowledge, Rogue's haven't been touched on by the nerf hammer since, so yea.
  11. Mr. Sly Guest

    I'm looking through the wiki at the buffs/passives but it's not giving much information. How exactly did it fix the class? Also maybe it's just me but that kinda sounds like a crutch to fix the class... That scares me that they'd make a class so poorly that they really have to step up the 2nd awakening to make up for all the damage it has as a class on it's own.
  12. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Class was focused around Hit End, when there were only like 2-3 moves that had a hit end, let alone a good hit end. 2nd awakening rework gave them more contact points, gave more skills a hit end, and gave an overall damage boost. The actual 2nd awakening gave them a low CD solid move, a good 2nd passive passive, and a god-tier 2nd awakening active.

    The class went from sub-par to fantastic just from their 2nd awakening ,
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  13. Mr. Sly Guest

    Sounds like the 2nd awakening was a nice improvement but the actual improvement came from the rework though?
  14. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    The rework came alongside 2nd awakening in DnF. Hence why I just called is 2nd awakening rework. It's what Neople does, they release the actual 2nd awakening and a small rework.

    DFOg did it weird and gave the rework before the 2nd awakening.

    Either way, both of them were a solid improvement for the class as a whole.
  15. Mr. Sly Guest

    Ah I see, as I thought. Well, any ideas of how 2nd awakening could save them? I can only imagine duelist's maybe getting to use a 2nd mirage in a row with past skills maybe. Really haven't a clue what route they could take for either sub, but I only hope that they continue to rework the class as a whole as well as give the 2nd awakenings as they have been like you said.
  16. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Duelist need an overall MASSIVE damage increase to their kit. Ideally, their 2nd awakening should give them more burst stuff.

    Vanguard needs some SERIOUS cooldown reduction to their kit and they need more burst/sustain. Ideally they should get another big burst skill from their 2nd awakening and maybe a low-cd filler skill as well.

    This is what I would like to see from their 2nd awakening+Rework.

    Right now Duelist has the CD, but lacks damage.
    Vanguard has "okay" damage, but needs cooldown and some more damage options.
  17. Mr. Sly Guest

    Huh, I thought the vanguard's cd seemed okay unless you chain every skill in their arsenal together at once. I see your points on both of em though, I kinda thought the gimmicks for them would make up for the lack of damage. Duelist's mirages helping up their damage and vanguard's new auto attack to kinda give it a nice fluid feel like wm's/vanguards have for auto'ing. Guess that doesn't make up too much damage though when I think about it. Here's to hoping they get something unique that sets them apart from other classes though, every class to my knowledge to this point has a lil "something" that makes them pretty amazing for either support/utility/burst.
  18. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    While playing Vanguard, I used all my skills and basically was sitting there doing absolutely nothing for a good 10 seconds. X attack + Smash isn't really that good. This class need cool-down reduction BADLY.

    Duelist actually has decent cool-down management, but their skill damage is so low in comparison that it screws them over.

    Like I said before, both of these classes have the potential to be fantastic. It's just we need to wait for 2nd awakening to see how it plays out.
  19. Gilgamesh The First Sword God

    So, does 2nd do anything for vanguard/duelist now?
  20. Mr. Sly Guest

    As far as anton? We won't know till they're out of testing but I would imagine duelist's 2nd awakening is nice utility and vanguard got a lil more bursty. Their damage seems to be a lil better from before as far as that vilmark video goes but Anton's something else.... I'ma assume they're gonna end up being nothing too special but at the same time not the worst class in dfo. If they fix that OV gear set for duelist that let's their aura buff get a nice boost and let it be swappable.. Then duelist has some good potential in terms of that + gears. That lord of ranger-esque lance and that boost should be some pretty good dps.

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