Any new Female Mech guides out there?

Discussion in 'Mechanic' started by AdventSign, May 25, 2015.

  1. AdventSign

    All I'm finding is older ones where she was overpowered with her G-series.
  2. Pyros

    You get free respecs, there's no real need for a guide. You also get enough points to max almost everything relevant. Which would be:

    Robotics, Viper, Galeforce, all 3 G Series, Land Runner, Ez Time Bomb 8, all cubes, Awakening passive. Then 1pt in invis, 1pt in detonation, 1pt Spriggan and/or BBQ.

    Technically, you'll be short a few points if you do that, you can drop either one of the G series a bit(Corona is imo the worst one but having points in it boost the damage of the other 2 it says) or tweak the cubes especially Ez time bomb 10 or the passive land runner and such. Lets you get 10% magic crit, though at that point you're mostly tweaking small amounts of damage and that's like at 65 or so that you'll run into issues.

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