Anton raid guide for intermediate player part 1

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    Intermediate guide for Anton raid Part 1

    Credibility of author: Currently captain of 4 membered sell party for 6 month, former vice captain of the 5 membered sell party for 2 weeks, former member of the 6 membered sell party for one week, former member of the 7 membered sell party for one month, former member of the 8 membered sell party for three month, former member of the 9 membered sell party for one week, former member of the 10 membered sell party for one month, former member of the 12 membered sell party for one month, former member of the absolute clear guarantee party for three month, mercenery as sell party over 30 times, mercenery as absoulte clear guarantee party over 40 times, mercenery as newbie party around 20 times. Normal Anton play more than at least 1000 time.

    Before starting guide if any reader hasn't read beginner guide(, I sincerely recommend you to look at beginner guide first and then continue back to this guide.(If same contents is mentioned again it means it is dat important to remember)

    This guide will focus mainly on soul bender play. However there are overall build and some tips that other class can share that it won't be waste of your time if you are planning for sell party. In addition even if you don't have intention in participating sell party it will list way of carrying normal party that I am sure some of you can collect info that you were seeking for.

    QnA before starting guides

    Q1.How 7 man party's build work?

    A. 1.Naval gun defense/energy block-magical dealer, bender or sader

    2.Battlefield/infested hatchery-magical dealer, bender or sader/physical dealer, sader

    3.Leg/smoke/volcano-magical main dealer, utility class(bender, nemesis, f nen{if dealer has legit holding skill), etc}, sader/physical main dealer, utility class{weapon master(yin or yang user is favored if main dealer is yin or yang sword user), f grappler, harvest nemesis, oblivion bender(shadow element main dealer, dealer all in style build)}, sader

    Q2.How 7 man clear first smoke?

    A. There is various way but these two way is most common.

    First way can be used if your party member is powerful enough.

    1-1 clear
    2-1 clear
    3-2 clear


    there is integration build.

    (1+2)-2 clear
    3-2 clear

    Find most suitable three member for smoke among 4 in party 1 and party 2 leaving one seller in town. For this purpose if your gun combo is sader/dealer it is better to have bender/dealer combo for battlefield or if your naval gun party is bender/dealer it is better to have sader/dealer combo for battlefield. It is much easier with dealer, bender(blade soul 9pc), sader than two dealer+sader combination.

    3-2 clear

    Q3.What is fast way of clearing for normal party?

    4 drone all in burning the bridge style is known to be fastest clear build for phase 1. Gear requirement for this build is more than S tier in "Ask yunha" post.

    Select one random party that is specified for battlefield(powerful holding and nuking) and rest 4 party need to be powerful enough to handle smoke and leg. 4 party clears smoke and enter leg at same time right after smoke. Battlefield party clears A and B with incredible speed. All party need to clear leg before naval gun blows up. If battlefield party is fast enough it is possible to enter naval gun after clearing both battlefield, doing battlefield A and B+naval gun which is almost same as 4 man sell party's integration build.

    However this requires too intense gear that most absolute clear guarantee party in kdnf adopts 3 drone build instead. It is same as normal party but one thing is different. Smoke party enters leg along with weaker leg team(infested hatchery team). Volcano party must be strong enough to clear leg faster than smoke party and other leg party. In total smoke party can cover up leg for weaker leg party making clear speed much faster than normal two drone build without entering smoke again. However don't forget that every party need to clear 2 time for reward. If naval gun party didn't cleared first smoke they should enter battlefield first and then enter naval gun making 2 clear in total. If battlefield party didn't cleared smoke they should do battlefield A and B for reward.

    For subjugation, 5 egene style is most optimal way of speedy clearing. Everyone clears egene without timing the barrier. Which means at least 4 party should have equivalent damage capacity for making barrier into 0. After clearing egene each party enters allocated dungeon for second clear. After clearing second dungeon wait for volcano party to do hard work. EZ game.

    Let's move on to actual dungeon guide.

    Source of black smoke


    I am 100 percent certain that any bender who is participating sell party must be geared with blade soul 9pc. You can't let your party fail in tog phase!! If you fails there is no one to blame other than yourself!! In order to successfully insert orb to tog you need to break light orb and ask dealer to take care of upper orb. Tombstone and kalla finisher is very decent skill for orb breaking. One thing you need to remember is orb has much more HP than normal Anton's orb that if you slack off with z spam you might fail at breaking orb so keep that in mind.. If there is sader who is watching this guide help bender for light orb in case he might fails. Once after orb has been absorbed to tog's body you must cast saya necomancy and spam z key as much as you can. One more thing you need to remember is if there is abnormal status class you must cast bremen with bremen set up and then swap it into tog set up for even faster clearing.
    (This is point when most reader think "Man this is all bender stuff! Try to improvise to your class.. If you are main dealer you can earn the fact that you should take care of two orb. For sader you know that you can help other supporter for orb. For supporter even if it isn't bender now you are ready to face orb with fuck ton of HP. If your main dealer is water element go for fire orb and leave bottom orb to dealer! IMPROVISE!)


    In most cases for magical party they doesn't wait nerbe to absorb his orb since it only decreases physical defense. However in sell party you wait until nerbe absorbs because with limited member it is better to save trouble of blocking your body against orb that is coming from each corner. Cast field while nerbe is absorbing orb. If your hand is fast enough you can swap oblivion 9pc before entering boss room and switch back to 30 bremen+aura set up after casting triangle with your oblivion 9pc. What you need to remember is this. 1.Don't let orb hit you more than 2 time 2.electric field pattern starts right after orb gimmick is done so keep a distance. It seems to be pretty easy at first but trust me it isn't that easy as you think since you have to multi-task while swapping your gear. You spent so much effort on casting perfect field and it will be waste of time if nerbe teleports out of field. You need to place zieg at center and encroach as soon as electric field gimmick ends in order to provide comfy dealing envronment. Along with mind stimulant potion bender's phantasmal slayer, wave wheel slasher, blood lust along with saya necromancy at right timing decides you are worthy sell party level bender or not.
    What is really important is when orb gimmick is activated during dealing time. There is 8 prb in total so with three member, two member has to absorb 3 orb and one should do 2 orb. In this case sader and bender should be one who absorbs 3 orb because absorbing 3 orb makes you slow that we don't want our main dealer to have problem in damage dealing. If you see other member isn't absorbing orb as they are suppose to be you have no choice but to absorb 4 orb even if it means costing your coin.. HP heal can delay time too much that it is for the best to sacrifice your coin for entire team. If non-main dealer is watching this guide this sacrifice trick can be applied same for anyone if you are not main dealer so keep this in mind.

    Shattering battlefield

    Doom thyoric
    Aganzo can be extremely handy in this dungeon. Many user confuse how to use aganzo properly. DIAGONAL Position(1, 5, 7, 11'o clock)to enemy's standing position makes instant first awakening activation. It is better to use encroach at around 30 percent HP rather than using at 10 percent just for instant kill since holding time is pretty long that encroaching before monster's gimmick is activated can be helpful when it comes to fast dungeon clearing.

    Doom plaineurs

    Tell your customer to stand by on entrance to make sure they dies on pillar damage. Noob customer can be grabbed by plaineurs conjuring unnecessary gimmick. As I said before resistance to freeze is incredibly low that saya necromancy+glacial saya+blade phantom can literally made this guy into walking sandbag.

    Nava gun defense

    In order to stop meteor you need to clear this dungeon as fast as possible. You don't have to put necromancy buff on first room. Just enter second room as fast as possible and give your dealer buff at second room for fast clear and stop meteor as soon as possible for other party. Tell your customer to headbutt on smoke in the left. Most deadly gimmick in naval gun is clueless customer using cube skill or refined neck customer spamming skill around naval gun blowing up without even realizing what he has done. Tartanic defender's summon timing is 50/100/150 sec after second room entrance. There is easy way of counting defender's summon time. For example if raid clock is at XX:40 when you enter second room just add 10 sec from last number! Like 50, 00, 10. Dat is your tartanic defender respawn timing! Put every field before 50 arrive at first summon do the same before each number hits! Naval gun is one place that you should never blow up since it is one of easiest dungeon even in sell party. Gear like rose hair belt, bloody handcuff and juris' determination is super handy in naval gun that if you are not sure about handling naval gun purchasing those gear will surely help you a lot!

    Solid leg


    Here we go... Mathematically four pit hole should be twice as hard as two pit hole in normal Anton.. Nope.. It is ten time harder!!! In trio clear build sader cares top two pit hole by himself with thunder hammer jupiter. Just spam x after zombie is in right position and it is pretty easy to handle two pit hole. That leaves two in the bottom. Dealer and bender should take care of those two. Since dealer has enough damage to kill zombie, kill it if other pit hole needs some help. Class like nemesis, ele is super popular in leg because they can compensate mistake even if they messed up in this phase. Ghost whip is incredibly useful in this room. One little tip for bender is zieg encroach. It is possible to gather dead or lying zombie into pit hole through encroach. However this makes you venerable for agnes holding that refined amnesia coin need to be done..


    Gotta summon faris since bender alone can be lacking at holding for this room. Saya necromancy before entering this room is basic of basic. For bremen bender casting bremen and use phantasmal slayer after field makes perfect timing. It is really important to put blade phantom on krave since it can cancel annoying gimmick. If you see red thingy is about to drop on you circle around room just like doom plaineurs room's pillar gimmick. Dat red thingy stings a lot that you can't noob your dealer with obstacle like that when he is in middle of dealing time.


    Just like I said before
    0.saya necromancy before entering this room
    1.glacial saya, kazan, bremen at summoned agnes
    2.tuna fish at corner
    3.go to top and summon zieg where nen guard is at.
    4.kazan, bremen, glacial saya
    5.encroach right before nen guard is about to removed.
    6.tombstone for saya necromancy proc
    7.phantasmal slayer

    In sell party this is more than good enough to kill agnes. If agnes isn't dead even after successfully succeeding these step it means sader or dealer isn't ready for SSS tier.

    If agnes isn't done in first dealing time take care of squirrel in meantime along with sader. Before eye is closed again you need to cast saya necromancy in order to make sure agnes doesn't freak out and darts toward everywhere. HOLD SLIGHTLY BEFORE EYE IS CLOSED IS YOUR ANSWER. Unless it isn't multi hit skill few reflection won't going to kill you. Agnes doesn't freak out before eye is changed that it is important to learn timing for hold at right time!
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