Anton Normal and how to get away with it

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  1. Anyone done some anton normal to share some info
    go in smoke room1 run around like a girl then outbreak,
    tips would be nice, although i'll try meself and reply to this post.
    1606 coins left, let you know how many coins i have to throw at anton.
  2. polca

    get a sader, witch, and dark templar :-)
  3. jon mike kanashi

    die to tognado like a million times then get a sadder to carry you
  4. done exactly that
    failed horribly with no sader
    puts a sader in the group = instantly anton full clear.
  5. tried 2 dps 1 assist 1 sader yesterday it took some time to clear.
    but since anton normal seems to have a small hp pool compared to raid
    having 3 dps + sader is far better than 2 since we can 1cycle it everytime.
    gonna try that tonight prolly gonna end super quick.
  6. well my group gets demolished by tog nerbe but we 1 shot volcano with 3 deaths.
    how?! I guess I can't do easy stuff but I can successfully do hard stuff easy.
    best of all is when someone decides to run up someone's nen guard on lightning nerbe phase or hit nerb with the blue bubble right next to me
    of course poignant madness is on cd so I hit the floor immediately.
    the coin spending was never so fast, it's about 50-80 coins per night :ohdear::ohdear::ohdear: on the site note.
    Gabriel shows up to offer me cubes, lovely.:bang:

  7. Ladies and gents the soulbender master linked me this vid, showing we can 1shot and not getting killed by any BIAS gimmick
    noted this guy is a Farking pro, study this and we can carry the living crap of anton normals
    one day my friends, one day
    He has full derange swap + nature set with the boots, doesn't seem to be windness, it's something else
    bulky configuration and those anton sub equips.
    LET"S GO! :dance::teacher:
  8. Phenir

    Zerk needs a good holder for some enemies (Agnes) but a lot of enemies actually have a time where they do absolutely nothing when you clear their gimmick so you can safely do damage. What I do for these enemies is hang out at as high a possible HP as Diehard allows (around 40% for me) and then thirst down to appropriate bloody cross phase just before boss enters these vulnerable phases. This also applies Thirst's bleed resistance debuff so even resistant enemies will be bled. Luckily all of Zerk's strong moves have pretty short duration so you can squeeze them all in during the damage phase. Red rose > Blood Sword > Outrage Break > Blood Boom then Blood Riven if it's a particularly annoying or tanky enemy is how I do it normally. Don't forget that holding a movement direction before activating Blood Boom makes it go off much faster; you can't do that if you cancel from Blood Sword. Fights like Agnes, Kratek, Medel, maybe Kres will probably require you to use poignant madness. If your party doesn't have a holder, you can sort of make do with extreme overkill (enemies inside the fire pillar become super hold) and for grab-able enemies you can act as the holder for a few precious seconds with Bloodlust chaining. You might also want to bring Aganzo or Faris dolls. Faris uses Junk Spin if she gets on top of an enemy while Aganzo will normally use Tempest immediately if you summon him at the right distance.

    A lot of the bosses are actually grab-able and if your party is all attacking the boss while you are grabbing, you can chain Bloodlust > Blood Ruin > Bloodlust > Wave Wheel Slasher since your party members will keep them in the air. Grab-able bosses can also usually be pinned to the ground or juggled but have super armor so a zerk grab is a good way to start said juggle. Support the juggle with Raging Fury and Burst Fury. A good example is Nerbe. Right after his blue pentacle attack, you can run in and grab him to stop him from zipping around quickly and then use Burst fury and Raging Fury to pin him to the floor for a while.

    Learn your iframes. Bloodlust makes you invincible for the duration of the grab and a short while after. Mountainous Wheel makes you invincible for a moment after you land. Outrage Break gives you similar amount of time as Mountainous Wheel. Blood Riven's iframes start after the blood orb completely covers you and ends immediately once the explosion damage hits. Don't use Riven to jump into anything unless you are sure it will die.

    Don't be stingy with potions, bring canna bread, heaven pots, etc. Vital pots can help as well by boosting the hp you will have while low. Zerk has one of the highest max health thanks to his high vitality and vital pots will further realize this. Super Armor pots are also good but I found I don't get knocked down a lot so Derange's extremely high hit recovery can normally carry you there. Only exception is Kres who loves to spam dragon cries.

    As usual for learning with Zerk, stay at higher hp until you are confident you can avoid everything. Dead Zerk does zero damage and has to rebuff further wasting time. Use Madness if you think you might even take a single hit. If all else fails, well there is a reason they gave us 12 tokens right?
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  9. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    Super Armor Potion is useful for grabbing Mateka - even with Bloodlust it's somewhat hard to get the timing right, and SA Potion helps with Mateka's knockbacks.
  10. usually out of those 12 coins, 6 are registered to me :joy:
  11. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    So I'm able to do solo Source of Black Smoke and Shaking Battleground now, but Durable Leg is impossible because of Kratek's gimmick with blue sphere and constant stunning. Same thing is gonna happen with Medel in Black Volcano. Guess that's it for now - with Dark Gothic it's possible to kill Kratek within 20-30 seconds and Medel with NPC Doll, but not with my current setup.

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