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  1. Wenqi

    I have been playing summoner for 3 years. If you have any questions about summoner, i can try to give your an answer.
    I hope more people will play summoner. This class is powerful, especially when all people do not have good equipment.
    It is true that summoner can't clear a dungeon as fast as others when all people well geared.
    But summoner do has advantages. Here is the video that I recorded for running ex king'ruins.(It could be better, I made some mistakes like forgetting turn on elemental burn)

    All my equipment is rare(purple) except a +0 pink weapon, and only has 7900+ magical attack.
    Usually, for summoner enchant magical attack: top bottom weapon
    shoes header belt magical critical.
    accessories: all elemental attribute damage.
    Note: gear or title like attack damage/magical damage + xx% are useless for summoner( has no effect),
  2. Sher101 Battle Loli Best Loli

    What would be the best title for Summoner in dfo right now? I got Kunai from the ninja set but I haven't un-sealed it yet because I'm not sure how the stats affect summons.

    Oh and what are those counters above your item bar and how do I get that? How come you use Asuko?
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  3. Kingbloo52

    Whats your hotbar looking like Im having a problem with locating all my summons and using them effectively
  4. Clarrisia AFK

    Clarrisia (look at sig)
    Interested to knowing what your build is, if you'd like to share.

    You have some very interesting multi-summon capabilities. Not too sure how you managed to get that many Adors on your first summon when you right entered the dungeon, as I don't think your weapon has any element on it does it?
  5. Spamrat

    That was one of the changes since the Nexon days. Just grab a single level of the relevant sacrifice passives. Each of them with a single level will allow you to summon a minimum of two of that T1 spirit.

    Edit: Just now noticed this was a reply to a much older post than I realized. This is what I get for not marking everything as read from the moment I made my account.
  6. Sher101 Battle Loli Best Loli

    Looks like he summoned more than 2 adors, which is probably because that chest he cracked is a fire source, since Aukuso isn't a source.
  7. Doots Weird cat-earred Summoner guy

    Aukuso with a Red Cube contract or Inflict Fire is a source. You can test it in the training hall if you want to see it.
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  8. Sher101 Battle Loli Best Loli

    Ooooooh I was in the training center when I posted checking Aukuso, forgot about contract. I checked his weap, didn't have inflict fire, that was my first thought too.

    Edit: just tried it out, super neat stuff! Learn something new everyday thanks to Doots.
  9. Everspace I will murder your family

    You can also chug a salamander flask, which is what he's doing in the video.
  10. Currently sitting at crossroads between 9pc forbidden sac and 9pc dangerous liason. I have ray decrease shoulder and plan to get gracia weapon in 10ish days. Which set would u say is better and why? I really like the reduced sac cd on dangerous liason and extra wisps but forbidden sacrifice does more damage and improves eche/mark/moonshade damage since it reduces light resist more. I find that forbidden sacrifice does better in OV as sac cd is up most of the time anyways and the greater burst helps me cheese a lot of the rooms. However, since dangerous liason is c3, 9 pc offers 9% more crit as it has 1% more crit on each piece, translating to roughly 4.5% more damage. Would you say this offsets the benefits forbidden sacrifice has? Thanks for the responses, summoner just seems like a difficult class to try to optimize due to all the options she has.

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