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    Jesus Fucking Christ. What the fuck was going on at Neople's monkey team in charge of bugs. I swear to fucking god pvping in ranked is the most cancerous thing that I wish I hadn't returned to. Literally 6 in every 10 matches it's either some china lag brain dead Berserker xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bloodsword-ing, literally taking 70% of my poor Soul Bender's HP in a milisecond, a whale WM doing the same braindead upward->SST->Rising->Ashe Fork or a damn lag switcher. The damn laggers might as well have taken my Ghost Step out of my ass, because it seems like they have more I-Frames than I do.

    I was comfortable with my Sage rank on my SB, sitting at around 1795 RP, but my dumbass decided to fuck around in Ranked before the reset happened. Not only did I almost drink bleach after losing to the fucking menu glitch 3x in a row, but I lost 14 RP in a single match. How does that even happen? I win literally 6 times in a row in Colosseum, get +1 RP with half of them, and still loose more RP to a lagger. I can understand that it would be less frustrating if I gained an equal amount of RP that I lost per match, but nobody in the 1700s PvPs. My win rate literally has to be, on average, 6W to 1L to even GAIN 1 OR 2 RP. God forbid I face a lagger twice in a row, because I'm sure as hell losing 8 RP more.

    What the hell is going on with this Queue menu during the match. I remember this bullshit being there 8 months ago. Why give an event, aside from having all of the whales with their +13 epics that can 2 shot you invade, that has game breaking bugs in it? This isn't KDnF's Anton or OV.

    This style of ranked gameplay leaves no room for personal improvement. I'm more focused in not having my RP blasted up the ass than I am with actually learning how to play my class better. My 6 months in Practice helped me more than the entire year I've been in ranked. I'm just going to wait for the reset, and then absolutely blow everyone up and get my Lord rank, and then AFK because the ranked system gives no reward for continuous playing.
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