[Ancients] A way to get rich and gear up without dying of boredom (maybe)

Discussion in 'Party' started by ChickyChan, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Almost nobody I ask wants to do this with me so I have to explain this first so you might consider doing this with me or other people.

    There are 7 different Ancient dungeons.
    Running 7 Ancient dungeons in a party maxes the hell indicator i.e. free hell mode.
    The Ancient Lion Gate or whatever it's called spawns on the 14th Ancient dungeon run.

    So here's what I want to do:
    1. run every single Ancient dungeon once (King's ruin, Vilmark, Screaming, Noire, Ghost Train, Reshpon, Kartel)
    2. Go to Zelva and get the free Hell Mode
    3. run 6 Ancient dungeons
    4. run the 7th dungeon in the prefered dungeon you want the lion to appear in
    5. Go to Zelva to get the second free Hell Mode
    6. Repeat
    Why would anyone do this?
    • You get two free Hell Modes!!!!!!!!!1 (that's worth 52 DI/DCs or 1,5 mil)
    • You complete all Daily challenges for an extra Ancient Dungeon Material Pouch (or two of them) and your daily quests of course
    • You don't have to count the runs
    • Lots of DIs, DCs, ancient materials and maybe legendary drops and Gabriel!
    • You don't need to do anything, I oneshot everything
    • Maybe it's less boring than whatever else you'd be doing instead
    • You have to walk to Zelva and back for every Hell Mode
    • You have to do Kartel
    • I'm from EU
    • Endless Eternities
    I'll probably be doing this until level 90 cap.
    IGN: ChickyChan or Chickytron

    pls respond
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  2. Loriciferica Global Moderator

    damn, sounds fun but my net doesn't even hold up for americans
  3. Dice Dragon Unofficial Sader main

    This is a really cool concept, i might hit you up for this one day if connection permits, or might steal this idea.
  4. Azure Lune I never said I was -good- at this

    I'd take Kartel over Reshpon and King's Ruin tbh >.>

    ...actually wait Kartel boss has damage reflect too nvm

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