Advanced Basic Kunoichi Combo (Non-PvP)

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    Hey guys. I made another video, this one is more of an advanced basic combo. Feel free to check out my other videos here:

    For this combo, you want to moving to the right after each hit/skill you do. Otherwise, the combo's will not hit due to lack of spacing between you and the enemies body. (Basically notice how i'm always moving to the right)

    X-X into Ankle Cut

    Rising Cut (Don't hold) *NOTE* Rising cut has about 0.5 second delay AFTER the skill is pressed, due to the animation.

    Fireart: Fireball (while mid-air after Rising Cut)

    Heavenly Fireblast (0.5 seconds after Fireart: Fireball. If the delay is more than 0.5 or possibly 0.6 seconds, the enemy's body, will be too close to the ground and will not become an OTG (Off The Ground) hit.

    Double Jump immediately after Heavenly Fire Blast, while moving to the right. **This will be just the second jump, since the first one is used.**(Moving to the right is crucial for this part, because the combo can drop from being too far away from the enemy's body)

    Flying Squirrel after the second jump(3 hits)

    Rising Cut (while mid air after Flying Squirrel)

    (Air) Spiral Wheel Kunai after Rising Cut
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