A little new year wish and request

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sethnes, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. sethnes

    Hi guys happy new year !
    I max leveled my vanguard on cain server and he dont have a decent weapon ( using dragon glowing weapon )
    I wonder is there anyone who willing to lend me 30m to buy a good weapon for my vanguard ? I know it is a lot but i promise i will return to you :ohdear:
    My IGN is LegionFaker, and hope to get some experienced players help here :dkface:
  2. Pyros

    Run epic road, buy Demon's Bane with coins, it's slightly better than a lib which is like 50m.
  3. sethnes

    Hi Pyros nice to see you again. I changed bamboo lance with the epic box already haha. I also want to ask which armor set should I go for vanguard? Should I go for halidom set or ov set 1st before I go for ancient set?

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