A flowchart for gearing for dummies. And noobs too! Get into end game!

Discussion in 'Guides & Game Mechanics' started by Dice Dragon, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Jaðarsormr 抜けない事があきらかだからって、オレが努力しなくていいって事にはならない

    Honestly, I'd rather use both names in that chart - a lot of very informative posts (some are old, some are not) have "Bulky Configuration" in them, not "Gigantic Presence", so in case someone would try to use Search (in order to find some info about why is this set good or especially good for his/her class) and enter "Gigantic Presence", he won't find many good posts. So it's better to show people that this set has several names and you can use any of them (although I use both in my post when I mention this set), but do try both during Search in order to maximize your search results.

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