A dumb bimbo looking for a friendly guild to hang with

Discussion in 'Looking For' started by CutieWitch, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. CutieWitch Potion Fucker-upper

    Hey yall! I've been playing since Nexon's open beta all the way till they shut it down. I'm so happy that somebody picked this fun game back up!

    Just wanting to join a guild and start making friends! I have a lvl 22 witch in cain called CutieWitch! I'm gonna play her mainly, but will also get a monk going, sooner or later. Thanks!! :)
  2. ElderGOD

    Guild SRK is looking for more active players.

    We have all guild shop items.

    We were mainly PvP months ago but are now PvE as well and now raid also.

    We do OV and normal anton carries if you need help getting back into the game.

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