A couple questions about current Chaos Knight and changes with AIO Patch

Discussion in 'Chaos' started by thecraaz, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. thecraaz

    Hey all my fellow Chaos Knights out there, I main a Chaos and love her but I have a couple of questions like the thread title says I was hoping someone on here with more experience can answer for me. Also I know with 2nd a lot of things will change again for chaos but since we are presumably not getting any of that I am more interested in the changes we are getting and how they will affect my chaos now.

    1. Right now and after AIO patch when you use either Sac Bomb or Genocide Crush if I am wielding say a bone blue/bone red/gracia do either my magicians or soldiers do that element of damage when they explode. Does having elemental circle cast affect my magicians doing a certain element for damage on explosion with genocide crush.
    2. I know since we are a summon class we don't benefit from the req/lib weapon 11/16 percent damage at least our summons don't but does that bonus apply to sac bomb/genocide crush on the explosion and on the move damage also the other bonus damage which is smash does that affect sac bomb/genocide crush

    3. do summons not benefit from either smash or Eleanor correct I can never remember if it is both of them that don't affect summons or just one or the other.

    Those are my only three questions and I thank whoever takes the time to respond and answer.
  2. polca

    smash and the liberation damage bonus both act as amplified damage except liberation bonus is stackable with other smash items, while smash can't with other smash (highest value is applied.)

    amplified damage from liberation/smash items work with:
    -the slashing portion of genocide crush and the kicking portion of sac kick, but not with the explosion parts since those are considered as summon damage
    -every other damage skill besides summoning trees for chaos

    amplifying sac kick and genocide damage:
    -element stacking, not sure about elemental circle
    - madness demon flare or tainted/force ov equips
    - skill damage amplification (anton equips)
    - int, base attack
    -+1,2,3,etc. skill bonuses (SP & TP) a good item would be the lvl 85 epic sub equip: worshipful general's textbook
    -wicked blood fusion
    -bugged resonance

    im not sure if the sky sword attack buff works for sacrifice damage, edit: just checked, doesn't apply to sac damage

    defense and elemental debuff items or skills like disarm are also good ways to increase damage

    edit: just checked, elemental circle does not increase magician sacrifice damage
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  3. Dowiet Fucking Psychopath

    elemental circle should only apply to their base attacks that change to the element you choose
  4. thecraaz

    Thanks to both of you for responding

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