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    2 I’m curious about how DFOG players think about how slow DNF patches the next contents. In regular MMORPG, 5 months are more than enough to have another contents patched, or at least have some sort of update plans revealed… I’d like to know how you guys think of speed of adding new contents since the Luke Raid. – Ruliweb Nickname Manghalzerg (망할저그), Rec’d 8 times.
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  2. Cyrus99

    For the first two years of DFO we've gotten tons of patches smashed into short time frames. There's been a very steady stream of content and events since the game started for us. That said, it's been much slower the past couple months as we're caught up to cDNF and Arad Senki on the time line. From here on it's going to be much slower and the events have been lackluster lately.

    Us western players are also used to western MMO's which I agree with the statement above. DNF seems to be very slow in releasing content. I personally wish they'd focus on more content as opposed to new character classes, but I do acknowledge that a huge portion (perhaps even the majority) of Neople's profits come from people gearing new classes.
  3. Pyros

    I think the issue is the developpers spend a lot of time making content that is only relevant for short periods of time or not at all for most of the population. Some examples would be Dark Elf Ruins or Guild Hideout Wars.

    For Dark Elf, it was added a side dungeon to progress when getting your Otherverse sets as well as your Legendary sets faster back when it took a long time. However only a few months later they reworked Otherverse, making it almost irrelevant since you can now get sets very easily in otherverse. You could still get very small amount of legendary materials, but later they also made that easier with the legendary rework, so now you have Dark Elf being completely pointless almost. You can still get some cards to compound and some low level halidoms for swapping, but the content is mostly unused. It doesn't help that Gruff seems to never drop anything.

    Guild Wars was the same, it was added with pretty poor rewards or very annoying to get, no one bothered much, and then it got taken down. They reopened it recently in kdnf but it's entirely different and all the time they spent making the old one is basically wasted.

    There's a lot of features like this, and they actually made some since Luke raid so you could say they do make content, it's just not important enough or the rewards aren't good enough so it feels like nothing. There's the new Guild Wars, the new Tower of Grief and the new legendary dungeon Ekon but for a lot of people they're not so useful, or is only side content or for alts.

    And the legendary dugneon is a perfect example of how they spend a lot of time making content, and then make it completely pointless, although in this case it was made pointless in the very same patch it was added. It was meant to bridge the gap between 85legendaries and epics, and it does, but by making luke raid harder you still need epics anyway, so what is the point of the 90 legendary sets? Farm Anton a bit faster? It's not like Anton can't be done with Gracia already.

    I think that's the main issue, not that they don't make content, but that they make content that they then make irrelevant or that was never relevant.
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    Its disappointing. The only meaningful new content seems to be level cap increases and all that means is a new area and nornals/raid content for a new apostle. Why can't there be more interesting aress to explore or dungeons to conquer? The new 90 kasijas area is a good start, but surely there could be more.

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