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    1. I’d like to know how DFOG players think of revamped Luke raid of kDNF. Also, are you guys are positive toward the direction of these patches, or negative toward it? – Ruliweb Nickname Mangeungii (만긍이), Rec’d 13 times
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    It's hard for us to even speak intelligently about Luke Raid as none of us have done it. We're also missing extremely crucial re-balancing. It's very difficult for many of us to gauge how ready we are for raid when we haven't gotten the massive re-balances that kDnF got back about 6 months ago. I suppose it's good to know that Neople cares about raid enough to tune it instead of just creating it and then doing nothing.
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    If its extremly hard for the most geared members of Kdnf there is no way we are close to doing it
    I don't see how the new lvl 90 sets are suppose to be entry lvl to that place at all
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    (I'm not sure what the latest state of luke raid is right now; i think the current version is an extremely difficult one with a cutting the energy type dungeon in phase 1 or somethin?)

    What direction are they trying to take with luke raid? On the one hand, they want it to be a challenge for players even with full 90 set epic settings. On the other, the 90 legendary armor set should be a gateway? Such a huge difference seems impossible to balance.
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    One Korean player said: "You gain profit from participating in Anton Raid, but you lose money from participating in Luke Raid (unless you're a part of Sell Party)".

    Anton Raid:
    Participation Cutline: Chronicle Set / Legendaries + Epics / Epic Set. After Lv.90 cap and addition of Lv.90 Epics, the cutline was lowered, so more people can enter Anton Raid.
    Amount of time to clear: Most of pubs these days can clear Raid in 30-40 minutes (out of 85 minutes that are given). Static parties and Sell parties can clear it even faster.
    Rewards: Another case of RNG inside RNG (which is compensated by low difficulty of Raid) - you might not get the best item (usable Savior's Glory) even after a year of Anton Raid, so you'll have to buy it with Condensed Antonium / Anton's Souls... or you might get it on your first succesful Raid.
    At least you're guaranteed to get ~200-250 Demon Invitations (not to mention extra stuff), which makes "Time/Investment:Reward" ratio worth doing this Raid even after your character is geared with BiS Epics.
    At one point, you can enter Sell Party and profit even more from doing this Raid.
    Supporting Measure: Awakened Anton makes it faster to get 20 Anton's Souls and buy Savior's Glory.

    Luke Raid:
    Participation Cutline: Epic sets. The more BiS Epics you have (Lv.90 Epic Armor set, Sensory Satisfaction set, Pars/Rosetta/Babylon), the higher's your chance to enter the Raid. After HP buff and Raid rework, the cutline was raised, so less people can enter Luke Raid.
    Amount of time to clear: Most of succesful parties finish the Raid with few minutes on timer left. This shows that, even with BiS Epics, each minute of Raid will be intense and crucial for succesful outcome.
    Rewards: Almost complete lack of RNG (which is compensated by high difficulty of Raid) - everyone gets Monolium, which is required to buy/craft BiS Epics. You need 598 Monolium, so it'll take you from 51 to 157 succesful Luke Raids in order to be done with it.
    Problem is, everything other than Monolium isn't worth your time and efforts - 1 Epic Soul is less than what Anton Raid gives you, and other rewards aren't as grand as Anton Raid ones. This makes "Time/Investment:Reward" ratio worth doing this Raid only until you get 598 Monolium - after that there's not much reason to do it.
    At one point, you can enter Sell Party and finally make some profit from doing this Raid.
    Supporting Measure: None.

    Right now Luke Raid reminds me of very, very, very hard pre-reworked Ancient Ruins Quest Material grinding - you want to be done with it as soon as possible, but you can get only this much per day. And when you're finally done with it, there's nothing to do with these Quest Materials...

    (@mms0208 - sorry for huge post this time; yo ncan shorten it as much as you want in case it gets picked)
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