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    Hello folks. mms0208 here.
    Sorry for taking too long, but translation of responses from kDNF players are done and good to go.
    Originally I was going to take total of 7 questions to make up for what happened with the 6th DFOG to kDNF due to technical difficulties, but I have not heard back from user who I promised a guaranteed extra question. I waited a week for it, and figured there's no point of waiting further, so I just went with 6 questions I collected from DFO Nexus and DFO Reddit.

    1. What do people think of the future of DNF? The last couple level cap increases have introduced massive amounts of power creep and increased reliance on epic gear creating the current gear disparity and high requirements for Luke Raid. At this rate, what would become of the game with the next major content expansion? I ask this as someone who has been very dissatisfied with how 90 cap turned out for gear progression. – DFON Zealtron(4)

    As of now in kDNF, you can see some stupidities like endless farming powered by RNGesus, screwing up the content that they’ve took their time to develop with a single patch, stopping ‘Constant’ balance revamp for more then 6 months claiming that they have to work on reinforce revamp, and messing up with users who were playing end-game contents just fine with another messy updates. If this continues, by the time for the next max level cap increase, there won’t be much players around. – Ruliweb Nickname Chamgong, Rec’d 4 times.

    It’s very annoying; Farming in Anton – Luke raids takes way too long. If we were to guess that, when the next raid dungeon gets updated and its requirement is to have Savior weapon with fully upgraded level 90 epic set, the time it would take years to have those weapons, level 90 upgraded armor sets, and Heblon full set. If Neople was to cover this by another OP level 95 Epic gears from hell party, then this game would no longer be enjoyable. Someone had to farm for years to get prepped for possible new raid and someone else gets all get prepped with OP level 95 epic in whole lot shorter period? Then I would surely be able to say this. “You call this a game?” – Ruliweb Nickname Garsi (가르시), Rec’d 4 times.

    I wish they won’t be around the market by that time. – Ruliweb Nickname Aradmachanghyeophoejang (아라드마창협회장), Rec’d 1 time

    2. What are Korean player's overall opinion and satisfaction level with the new revamped Luke Raid along with the Luke Raid HP buff? What are their opinion on Neople's design philosophy to further alienate the majority of their players by increasing gear requirement for the sole purpose of destroying sell parties, a very small percentage of the playerbase? What should they have done differently? –DFON YanDaMan263(3)

    Overall negative. Their logic of ‘content for top 1% of players’ just makes no sense whatsoever. I wonder if you can call it a content when 99% of players can’t play it. I have nothing to say about it, Neople was ‘No-brainers’ since long time ago after all. They do balance revamp like it’s a major update just because they want to slack off, and intentionally slows down the speed of farming so that they won’t have to work on new contents. There might have been better ways, but they just don’t want to work. There’s no way they would come up with something new. – Ruliweb Nickname Ilgyeokeepicbeameuro (일격에에픽빔으로), Rec’d 1 time.

    Probably except for those who makes money by sell parties, no one would be satisfied. Lol.
    Neople’s Philosophy? Can you call it ‘philosophy’ when they can’t distinguish between being hard and being dirty?
    With the implementation of Item score they might be able to reduce the number of sell parties, but to think that they recently held an event that encouraged those sell parties, I don’t get their ideas. - Ruliweb Nickname Aradmachanghyeophoejang (아라드마창협회장)

    I don’t care about the rest, but I wish they would fix up that mess with Temple…
    I wish they’d change the monsters and nerf their HP. – Ruliweb Nickname GearHazard

    3. In the previous kDNF to DFOG, I commented that the gap of synergy between physical and magical parties was due to a lack of devoted physical supporters. With that in mind, what physical classes could you see becoming more support-oriented? And how would you see it done?
    For example, I think Elven Knight could make a good buff support, if the party-wide effect of 6pc Defend and Cry was made into a passive add-on skill to War Cry (kind of like an inverse of the passive add-on to WM's Iron Strike), along with regaining the support abilities she used to have. – DFON Cross187(2)

    Rather than having one character to have all those utilities I think it’s better for all characters to have some sort of skill that helps other party member, because… if one character gets all party support skills, then the issue of inequality between classes will never be solved. - Ruliweb Nickname Aradmachanghyeophoejang (아라드마창협회장), Rec’d 1 time

    If Neople can’t just buff classes which are considered as weak (in terms of damage or DPS) in a way just increasing the damage in a fear of power creep, then I wish they could patch those classes with the synergy skills. From that point of view, the ideal model would be the Witch. – Ruliweb Nickname Garsi (가르시)

    4. Would you guys rather see new classes like completely new characters or new subclasses for already existing classes? – DFOR nguyena2013(22)

    Honestly I don’t want to see new character nor new subclasses. This game’s balance is already going to nowhere and Neople’s making it further complicated by adding more characters to the game. – Ruliweb Nickname Aqua7, Rec’d 7 times.

    I no longer want to see new character. I wish they would work on balancing characters which already exists. New character means more ‘bad drops’ from epic drop table, which already has more than enough now. - Ruliweb Nickname Ilgyeokeepicbeameuro (일격에에픽빔으로), Rec’d 1 time.

    If they have manpower to work on new character, I seriously want to tell them to get the balance right. Can’t help with the subclasses that has already been announced like Dragon Knight and Paladin, but for a while, really, if they have time to work on new character, I want them to focus on character balance instead. – Ruliweb Nickname Chamgong (참공)

    5. I can't remember if this has been asked before, but are people satisfied with the way 90 epics were handled? What I mean is that 90 epics and their set effects are boring compared to 85 and lower sets which had a lot more flavor to them aside from lots of skill and all attack bonuses.
    And as a follow-up, have there been suggestions or feedback made in regards to mixing up the way gearing will go forward in the future to offer more diversity? - DFOR somuchqq(20)

    There was, except it was forgotten since there’s no way Neople would listen to it. - Ruliweb Nickname Ilgyeokeepicbeameuro (일격에에픽빔으로), Rec’d 1 time.

    Personally, I think this trend of ‘de-individualization’ started with introduction of the raid. There were powerful yet distinctive epic gears (Like Gaea Crasher or Foehn Rake) back in time, but DNF’s 2D aspect, the one thing that DNF differentiates itself compared to other games, made the raid to focus entirely on damage. Being 2D game, you have to kill the enemy before it does something, so uniqueness of item lost its priority compared to damage. I think the last equipment before the end era of uniqueness of equipment was Natural Guardian Set. When your character’s not equipped well, this epic set is powerful as single parts, and even more powerful when you have all the pieces. – Ruliweb Nickname AceCombat, Rec’d 1 time.

    Of course there were, and it was forgotten.
    Personally, when it comes to item attribute, I think there should not be almighty item like Five Sense set. It has no flaws, which makes any other equipment setting other than Five Sense set meaningless.
    To stop some unfortunate players who got Sky Traveler’s Set instead of Five Sense set go ‘Please buff Sky Traveler set qq’,, Neople need to patch other equipments so there’s point of going for different setting. During the process, Five Sense set has to be nerfed.. Ruliweb Nickname Riadear (리아데아르), Rec’d 1 time.

    6. What's your guys' opinions on scenario dungeons or leveling in general? Do you think it's a fun process to go through when playing a new character and helping you to familiarize yourself with the class, or do you find that it's an inconvenience that's there just for the sake of being there? – DFOR PiColossus (13)

    From Pandemonium the monsters has too much HP. Story-wise it’s little better, but there are some flaws. Scenario dungeons prior to Pandemonium can be cleared easily, but the storyline’s the mess itself.
    And Empyrean part is so boring. I don’t really want to fall asleep while playing the game… - Ruliweb Nickname Aradmachanghyeophoejang (아라드마창협회장), Rec’d 1 time

    I’d like to see some conflict between Dark Elves, Empire, and Empyrean… but the story’s so bad. Besides, as for Empyrean, not only the story, but also the dungeon structure haven’t changed all that much for so long time.
    I think removing player characters’ line altogether to make it more immersive is one way they could do. – Ruliweb Nickname Deulgyieuharu (들쥐의하루), Rec’d 1 time

    We just do it because it’s convenient for leveling. Stories… Honestly Empyrean and Pandemonium parts are really boring. Especially Pandemonium Neople spammed the invincibility on regular monsters. It’s not fun at all. - Ruliweb Nickname Ilgyeokeepicbeameuro (일격에에픽빔으로)


    And that is all.
    As I mentioned before, this was my last communication project.
    Though it surely short-lived after coming back, hope you guys liked it.
    I deeply appreciate all of you who have participated and showed attention to this humble project,
    and may all of you suffer less from the dark grasp of RNGesus and get whatever you desire from Hell party.

    Have a great day.
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  2. Loriciferica Global Moderator

    It was fun to see the opinions of the kdnf players. Usually we don't have much communication at all and there's this aura of superioirity when it comes to discussing kdnf. Nice to know they're actually quite similar to us

    See you around!
  3. Racky

    This was really insightful thanks for doing this project
  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Thanks for doing this, it was really nice to get some insight directly from the kDnF community!
  5. Josh "Spikey00" Y.

    Thank you kindly for your work; I hope you will return again another day, because these exchanges were always an interesting read.
  6. i say this a lot in regards to this perception of Korean gamers: a lot of people online have this misconception that Koreans are godlike at mind numbing grinding "because they're Asian". not really. when Nexon has cornered your part of the video games market there's really nothing else you can do besides put up with the mind numbing grind.
  7. YanDaMan263 lol @ u

    Ironic how this is exactly how I feel about 90 cap, where some generic hell mode accessory set is somehow better than full Infinity Avarice accessories that people spent years farming for. The fuck?

    PS: Thanks for doing the translations.
  8. Fishman465 Most Opinionated WM in NA

    Even with steam being a thing or is SK one of the few areas not covered by them? Well the conception is formed from two things: Asian players who can cap 3 classes in the time it takes most to do one and the logic of "They like it because if they didn't, things'd change". There's also Japanese made super grindy games to help fuel the conception. Though I feel things are gonna change and the K-MMO as we know it will cease to be.

    But on the main topic, this comfirms a suspicion I have about kDnF's lifespan. That and the feeling that Koreans have hit the mental point we're at.... a few years back.
  9. Kiki Phantasmal Winter

    insert obligatory witch master race comment
  10. the only "proof" i have of this is anecdotal stuff, like here (i always seem to link to that thread), and this other guy who mentions that Steam just doesn't mesh together well with Korean PC cafes - where, obviously, nobody technically owns any games on those computers

    but honestly, if you think about it, if it's a mildly popular Korean game, it's likely published by Nexon
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  11. Fishman465 Most Opinionated WM in NA

    That last bit isn't surprising considering how it was similar here for a while, but does this mean that the bulk of playing is done at these cafes and none at home? Net cafe incentives are definitely a way for Nexon KR to maintain some relevance (Don't think it does anything to offset the rise of MOBAs over there). Wouldn't surprise me considering other companies do similar stunts to keep themselves up top.

    Well it's something to consider asking should I run into a kDnF player myself.
  12. well there's always asking @mms0208 about that :v

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