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    It’s a question about translation; from the past response we now know the quality of translation of DFOG is not so great, then is there any part of DFOG translation that has been localized very well? - Ruliweb Nickname 十中八九, Recc'd 3 Times.

    [Translator's note: By this question, I know most of you guys won't know much about the original Korean text to begin with. However, well translated text does not necessarily have to be the direct translation. Like... as long as the meaning itself is not completely altered, making a reference to meme that would make sense to English speaking users, parody, or anything like that counts.]
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    Most of the items have been translated pretty well, its just that well translated items aren't too noteworthy so most people only hear about the bad translations.
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    In terms of the story, it is translated very well, except for some gender confusion (especially with Woo), or an untranslated bubble (in Pandemonium). For items, there are some that are literal translations, lengthy translations such as the infamous "This cross belongs to a Priest who rests in the Underground Ruins," some Rod and Lord mix-ups and the Foul Kid Niblo from the early days that were fixed, and items that were unintentionally lewd was fixed. Neople sometimes gives us events to help come up with new names for KDnF items (such as Kunoichi chronicle gear and Anton weapon names). Neople is doing a great job translating over here, with a few minor errors.
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    Yes, there is.


    I always love having more plot and lore segments in DFO, but we're not always getting non-game ones. For example, it might be a common knowledge in kDnF that Nerbe was actually retconned into being an agent of Luke, or that Golgotha and Kalbarri are actually a single heir of Luke, or pretty much any info about Luke Dungeons bosses. But not in DFOG - people just don't have an opportunity to learn all that info.
    This is why I really appreciate the translation of Storybooks. Yes, the name inconsistencies are still here (Empress Skardi / Skadi, for example), but at least the overall translation is good enough for people to enjoy it. I guess it's because there's not too many difficult Equipment names or game system terms, so no wonder translators are having less problems with ordinary storytelling text.
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    The translations are good for the most part, but there are some parts in the translated dialogue where it comes off as somewhat awkward for a native English speaker simply because Korean has manners of speaking that English does not. For example how Vaughn asks Annis and Ria Ritcher to call him "brother" in English which I assume is "oppa" in that context. In English it sounds strange for a man to ask women to refer to him as "brother" like that.

    But if Neople wanted to localize the dialogue they'd have to change the meaning behind what the characters say quite a bit, which is more time-consuming than simply doing an straight translation.
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    Don't forget the george washington musket
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