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    This is essentially an end-game summary post (mainly FS) with possibly some extra useful info for the purpose of having all of it in one, easy-to-see thread.

    After Reaching Level Cap

    Not sure of what to do now that you've reached cap? No worries, we got plans for both FS and BS.
    Full Support
    • Work on getting chron sets. You'll need 9 piece Vow of Silence, 3 piece Silent Prayer (and possibly 3 piece Spiritual Revelation)
    • Once you're good, you could do normal Anton to increase your Chrons' levels by 3 per upgrade, and you can also use the Antoniums to buy the bead that gives +55 VIT/SPR to your sub equip.
    • You can work on getting a 5 piece Dusky West (Wild Romanticist) set for +2 Apoc
    • Start increasing your main stat through:
      • Avatars: Hat and Hair can give Spirit and Shoes can give Vitality. Aura avatars often give stats as well. Advance and Rare sets have bonus effects that also give VIT/SPR.
      • Emblems: Hat, Hair, and Aura avatars have emblem slots which you can put in VIT/SPR emblems. If there is a socket generator, then you can also have Skin avatars with emblem slots added. Keep an eye out for events that give silver/gold emblem boxes.
      • Enchants: Normally, you can put VIT/SPR enchants on Shoulder, Belt, and Shoe armor pieces. As mentioned above, you can also enchant a sub equip with +55 VIT/SPR. Keep an eye out for events which can give enchants for Top, Bottom, and Weapon.
        Heat Sword Vartarucis - SPR +15 (Max +21)
        Lariat Lari - SPR +15 (Max +21)
        Silky Martel - SPR +22
        Michelle the Telekinetic - SPR +23 (Max +25)
        Nightmare Foundation - SPR +23 (Max +25)
        Corrupt Aslor - Spirit +26 (Max +34)
        First Hero: Fairy Knight Lungel - SPR +35
        Bwanga - SPR +35
        Gold Clown - SPR +38 (Max +40)
        Magic Eye Cell - SPR +65
        Carny - VIT +14
        Stubborn Heartneck - VIT +15 (Max +22)
        Hound Master Myojin - VIT +23 (Max +25)
        Zejo - VIT +26 (Max +29)
        Cerberus - VIT +30 (Max +34)
        Essence Stubborn Heartneck - VIT +35, SPR +30
        Grim Seeker Noubillus - VIT +35 (Max +40)
        Argos - VIT +38 (Max +40)
        Essence Grim Seeker Priest Noubillus - VIT +65
      • Amplifying: Take advantage of events that allow you to get amp levels and free amplifiers. Other than that, be prepared to save up lots of clear cubes for amp attempts.
      • Creatures: There are some creatures that give VIT/SPR as part of their stats, so keep an eye out for those. Bloody Behemoth, for example, gives +65 VIT/SPR.
      • Titles can also give a good amount of VIT/SPR.
      • Guild dungeons have Insignias (Insignia of Concentration) that give VIT/SPR
    • Hell mode to get Epics
    Battle Sader
    • For chrons, 6 Bloody Baptism works well and this set can help out in Anton Raid on boats. 6 Spiritual Rev will also be good to get for when we get our Holy Mace skill.
    • After that, you can start on getting 6 piece Gracia. This will help you a lot in the long run as this will be enough to help you solo EX dungeons (Kartel for Dusky West, everything else for EX Daily) and do hell mode with relative ease.
    • While working on 6 piece Gracia, you can also work on getting a Requiem/Liberation weapon, either a Rosary or a Scythe (personally I went with Scythe for the extra attack speed and it's a legendary weapon I can use in PVP)
    • And of course you can Hell mode to get Epics
    Credits to LinkMaster7 for the following:
    • For reference, it seems Ascension is purely snapshot now, so you can use any swaps available, and swap to buff setting to build up stacks.
      2 - Base
      3 - Lv85 Haildom Cross
      4 - Avatar top(even adv clone works)
      5 - Petite Saint
      -----Reworked Lv85 epics needed for below
      6 - Mana Vortex pants
      7 - General's Textbook
      -----Lv90 cap
      8 - Base(Lv 3)
      -----Luke Raid needed for below
      9 - Luke Raid mstone
      -----Lv 90 Epics below(needs luke raid to craft these ones iirc)
      10 - Supercontinent - Vaalbara's Land(Light armor top)
      10 or 11 - Delusion Paranoia ((Cloth armor top)30% proc +1 skills, max 2 stacks)

    • Yes in order to get ApocLv20 you will need 5pc KHQ and some Epics, heres the gear for those who want to know:
      Lv8 is base
      +1 for Tactician's Contract(9)
      +1 Apoc Avatar Top(10)
      +1 Lv85 Legacy/Haildom Plate Top(11)
      +1 DarkGothic or SubMarine Volcano shoulder(12)
      +2 Epic Apoc Subequip(Grandis pots(30 DemonEyes) can get one of 3 per try, or raid reward)(14)
      +2 Redemption Cross(Lv 60 Epic Cross)(16)
      +2 5pc Kartel HQ set(use Mstone/Bracelet/Necklace/Armor/Armor)(18)
      +2 Title(20)
      Then you can have your Haildom top with another haildom on either bottom/belt/shoes for 2pc effect(+180 stats).
      After that, you'll have 1 offslot left over, best to use stat boosters to boost apoc:
      Sacred Protection/For My Sister/GuardianWeight/Ramnu's Heart/Lion's Heart
      I recommend Ramnu/Lion's Heart over the others.
      If you lack an epic shoulder you can use a different setup to get Lv18 Apoc, or 19 Apoc:
      +1 for Tactician's Contract(9)
      +1 Apoc Avatar Top(10)
      +1 Lv85 Legacy/Haildom Plate Top(11)
      +2 Redemption Cross(Lv 60 Epic Cross)(13)
      +2 5pc Kartel HQ set(use Mstone/Bracelet/Necklace/Armor/Armor(no shoulder, keep it open in case)(15)
      +2 Title(17)
      +1 Apoc sub(18)/+2 Epic Apoc sub(19)
      Then you can have your Haildom top with another haildom on either bottom/belt/shoes for 2pc effect(+180 stats).
      +1 for Tactician's Contract(9)
      +1 Apoc Avatar Top(10)
      +1 Lv85 Legacy/Haildom Plate Top(11)
      +1 4pc Lv70 Haildom(Shoulder/Bottom/Belt/Shoes)(12)
      +2 Redemption Cross(Lv 60 Epic Cross)(14)
      +2 5pc Kartel HQ set(uses SubEquip(+1Apoc)/Mstone/Bracelet/Necklace/Ring)(17)
      +2 TAO Title(19)
      Using this setup means less stats from stat boosters on the offslots from the EpicShoulder setup but does get the 4pc Haildom stats(Spi gets a bit more).
      However, if you can get roughly 250+ more main stat by dropping the 4pc Lv70 Haildom and using some better stat'd gear in the extra slots(can use a KHQ armor to free up ring and use Ramnu/Lion's Heart, Amp'd VoS/SP) then it should beat the +1 from the set bonus.
      A Lv 17 Apoc with 2900 stats will easily beat a Lv18 with 2500 stats, for example.
      Alternatives to not having Redemption Cross can be replaced with a lv 85 Legacy/Haildom Cross for good stats and +1 all skills.
      Never forget that Apoc scales to Vit/Spi like any other buff so make sure to amp/stack stats as best as possible, and atm our SlowHeal TP can be used to boost it as well.
    • Alright, now that we've had a chance to see some of the Luke raid stuff, here is my take on new setups in the future, keep in mind that stats are more potent than our current patches:
      Strike (Newer setup, might be better than my 1st setups)

      Wisdom's Blessing
      Wisdom's Blessing(Newer setup, might be better than 1st setups)

      Divine Invocation
      Divine Invocation WarGod
      Wisdom's Blessing I'm not sure on which weapon is better, Savior(augment) or Jupiter(+5 WB) and then the 3 slots can be one of CentHero or VoS, again unsure exactly which is best in the ideal setup.
      DI has War God listed, Ista plate might be usable but due to stats being so important later, I'm unsure if it will fit the bill. Then there is the Phantasmal Captain's Necklace, +1 DI but loses DI duration, not sure if its worth using due to lower base stats/effect.
      Since PvP isn't for everyone(myself included) that WarGod isn't ideal to farm, then my brother pointed out the Lv90 CentHero top, which actually should be pretty much on par, if not better than WarGod:
      +1 DI, Lv90 epic stats/scaling/masteries

      Metalline Armor Top
      +158 Vitality
      +110 Spirit
      Activate 500px Aura that increase Level 5 ~ 30 Skill by 1 for all party members within range
    • Okay so I heard that stats may be so important later, with reworked stat scaling, that Dusky may become obsolete now with Lv90 epics, so I took a shot(again) at what I believe could be the optimal Lv90 Apoc setup:
      09 Base
      10 Tactitian's Contract
      11 Avatar Top
      13 Lv90 Smoky Topaz Plate Shoulder(PlateArmor)
      14 Lv90 Metalline Plate Coil(PlateArmor) / Drop a Lv for [Smokey Topaz Belt](plate) as it has 470vit/430spi and should be better
      16 Lv90 Tarvia Bone Boots(LightArmor)
      17 Lv85 Haildom Top
      19 +2 Apoc Sub
      21 +2 Title
      23 Thunder Cross: Jupiter
      24 Luke Raid Mstone - Base 63 / Reinforce boost ~25 / Amp boost ~40 / +5% Vit/Spi
      Lv85 Haildom Pants(2pc) - Base 56 / Mastery 25(Vit) / 2pc Haildom Bonus 180 / Total - 261 Vit/Spi, 190 Vit/Spi over Dusky Pants
      King's Road Keeper: Sacred Protection - 90 Vit or 91 Spi over Dusky Bracelet
      Guardian Weight - 100 Vit/Spi over Dusky Necklace
      Ramnu's Heart Ring or Lion's Heart Ring - 232(332proc effect) Vit/Spi over Dusky Ring
      With this that difference on my old take on Lv90s using Dusky is like +920 Vit/Spi, which is quite potent and should easily allow us to drop Dusky.
      Dropping Dusky is what allowed for other gear to be used, like new mstone and retaining the Haildom 2pc.
      Lv90 Haildom I believe can be used over Lv85, I think the top is still +1 Apoc, and being Lv90 the stats would be better, so unless you amp'd the Lv85 haildoms, just use Lv90s.
      EDIT: Another piece that should be better to use is [Sun Topaz Plate Coil], which would replace the Metalline Plate Belt and loses the +1 apoc Lv, but has 470 Vit and 440 Spi base.
    Reminder: Given that these setups involve level 90 equipment, it is still valuable to work on level 85 setups.
    Aura Equipment
    Equipment that affects either party members or enemies in a certain range.
    Heartending Grief Top (Level 85)
    - Aura of 500px that increase STR/INT by 100
    Heartrending Grief Bottom (Level 85)
    - Aura of 500px that increases Phys/Magic Atk. by 38
    Heartrending Grief Belt (Level 85)
    - Aura of 500px that increases Max HP by 350, Max MP by 450, and all elemental damage by 10.

    Wesley's Strategy Set (Level 85 Leather)
    - Tactical Commander Coat: Evasion and Hit Rate +2%. Create an aura within 300px that increases Physical and Magic Attack Strength by 80
    - Tactical Leader Pants: Same as above but with Phys and Magic Critical Hit Rate by 10%
    - Tactical Officer Shoulder: Same as above but with attack and casting speed by 10%
    - Tactical Lord Belt: Same as above but with +1% Evasion and Hit Rate, and increases all elemental attacks by 20
    - Tactical Chief Shoes: Same as the above belt but with movement speed by 10%
    Set Effect: Create an aura within 500px that increases STR and INT by 500. Attacks create a 1% chance of casting 20 second Super Armor for party members within a 500 px range. Your attack/movement/casting speeds +10% (Cooldown 30 seconds), and attack damage +25% and additional +10% every new party member.

    Elemental Dropper Set (Level 85 Cloth)
    - Freezing Cut Robe: Water damage +12, Magic Crit +5%, casts an aura that decreases water resistance by -44 for enemies within a 300 px range.
    - Flame Drop Trousers: Same as above but with fire
    - Ray Decrease Shoulder: Same as above but with light, excludes Crit
    - Darkness Low Sash: Same as above but with shadow, excludes Crit
    - Face Down Shoes: All Elemental damage +10, casts an aura that decreases ATK and Movement speed -15% for enemies within a 300 px range. Excludes Crit.

    Essence Kartel's Red Muffler (Level 82 Necklace)
    - 500px aura that increases STR/INT +55 and Phys/Magic Crit +5%

    Enherja - Warrior's Honor (Level 20 Ring)
    - Create an aura with 450 px that increases the STR for your party by 80
    You'll want as many aura-type items as possible when at end-game after you're done buffing, and this is the only aura Ring around for STR.

    Mirn - Repository of Knowledge (Level 20 Ring)
    - Like Enherja, but with INT

    Watchman Leader's Ring (Level 85 Ring)
    - Attacks have a 3% chance of using 3 clear cube frags to increase the party's Phys Atk +50, STR +70, and Phys Crit Rate +10% for 20 seconds (cooldown 20s)
    - Casting has a 3% chance of using 3 clear cube frags to increase the party's Magic Atk +50, INT +70, and Magic Crit Rate +10% for 20 seconds (cooldown 20s)
    This is better than Warrior's Honor, but it's not an aura so you'll have to be active to proc this, and this will make it not as consistent. Not a bad item at all, however.

    Sorcerer's Sorcery Hoop (Level 85 Bracelet)
    - When equipped, grants an aura of 400 px that increases the Phys/Magic Crit rate by 7%, STR/INT by 50, and VIT/SPR by 45

    Militia Captain's Armband (Level 85 Sub Equip)
    - Creates a 500 px aura that increases STR/INT by 80, Phys/Magic Atk. by 40, and Independent Atk. by 55

    Dusky West Gem (Level 85 Magic Stone)
    - Creates a 500 px aura that increases STR/INT/VIT/SPR by 85

    Concentrated Nen Red Bead - Create a 500px aura that increases STR by 20
    Concentrated Nen Blue Bead - Create a 500px aura that increases INT by 20
    Obviously these two aren't equipment, but they're the only beads that give magic stones an aura enchantment.
    Chronicle Upgrade Path
    Credits to Ark for this:

    For VIT Saders:
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    As always, feel free to tell me if something's wrong and how to fix it, if something should be added, etc.
    I'm pretty much done for the night so there might actually be a bit more that I still need to add. But that's for another day.

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