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    Jul 8, 1984 (Age: 33)
    South Carolina
    F.Nen Swap Gear:
    -its actually better to have double khai/stim taints on every armor slot that isn't lodf, or skill range items for stim/khai/solar
    -Franken epics can beat gracia, provided they're strong enough, a 3pc 90 set will absolutely beat it though. And yes you could consider stacking solar shield after you finish getting your khai swaps, with 3pc divine follower and 6pc nen conduit it gomes from 3 light damage a level to alot more than 3 per level.
    It's 3, 5, 3, 4, 3 per level, at which point it repeats. Level 10 is 36 light damage as opposed to 30 if it were 3 per level, level 20 is 72, as opposed to 60.
    If you can be assed to get level 20 solar with 3pc LoDF and 6pc Nen Conduit, it ends up being 90+ light damage.

    -For khai 3pc LotD c3 set and tainted kahi+stim in everything that isn't a +1 khai slot and angelic knuckle (lv 60 pink) If you happen to get to hard capped khai with gear that is not armor/accs liek plats and title then fill slots with tainted gear.
    Solar shield is 6/3 nen conduit/LotD the level 20 pink knuckle and gt pants.

    -6pc gracia/bulky 9pc lumi for farming
    buff swap 3pc lodf 25 haldiom top sea god pants tech ring off set taints with khai/stim.

    F.Brawler End-Game Gearing:
    So what made Mad Dog 6-Piece worth it to be used as swap in new kdnf patch or am I just confused? And Apply Poison ov3 set pieces we use now are still the go too? o_O

    In depth exactly how the new apply poison works.
    The new apply poison now has a poison dmg value for your x attacks and a different apply poison value tacked onto your skills. (every skill has different values) Previously, skills like raging vulcan and junkspin did ridiculous dmg due to the amount of apply poison stacks that you were able to get compared to skills such as ground kick.

    The new apply poison also has a % modifier for your apply poison values thats on your skills. (at lvl 10 cap it has a 300% modifie, at lvl 20 its 500%)
    Before you had to refine your "swap" wpn because refining increases your status dmg value which increased your apply poison attack values. HOWEVER, after this patch that is no longer the case.

    The poison lvl and the percent modifier for the apply poison skill is on cast BUT the apply poison dmg value is real time. which is the exact reason why centipede maw is a much better wpn as a swap than a higher lvl refine 8 like he said. this is also the reason why deadly blood swaps don't work anymore. So you swap using a centipede maw to get the +60% modifier and then swap back to your real wpn with the refine 8 for the higher apply poison dmg value.

    The best swap currently is to get as much plus lvls to apply poison without sacrificing your gear slots.
    3 - ava top bottom plats
    1 - motion aura (dfog)
    1 - pet
    2 - title?
    3 - wpn
    that equals to a total of +10 with only using your wpn. so you can use 6pc mad dog and use 4 taints. (every single piece of taint gives 10% whether its bottom or sub so you can use whatever pieces)
    edit: the reason why you use 6pc mad dog is because it gives +100% using 6pcs. If you used taints you would only gain 60% max from 6pcs.

    ...And every single piece of tainted ov3 pieces gives 10% from red and plus 1 psn lvl from green. sure, the apply psn attack strength values are different depending on the pieces but those don't swap over like i mentioned above so it doesnt make any difference what Tainted pieces you pick after getting 6 piece Mad Dog.

    Apply Poison Basic Attack Poison Damage increased by 10%.
    Apply Poison Damage Modifier +100%.
    And... +1 Apply Poison is more valuable than Tainted, so for slots where you can get that (Weapon/Title/Ring/Bracelet [if you need it]) you should do that and then fill the rest with 6pc MDH and then Taints in the remaining slots.
    ...So should be doing for swap after patch...6-Piece Mad Dog Hooligan & Red/Green ov3 Tainted Apply Poison.

    Non Poison Dmg Stacking F. Brawlers...
    gracia armor + great glory//gigantic presence accessories is probably the best non-epic setup currently and post rework. dont expect great things though before patch, every skill still has terrible damage aside from meme-spin (keep your wheelchair handy post patch as well). intense bomb is fine but why waste time when you could get gracia... brutal hoodlum is terrible.

    keep in mind you probably want to keep your sub-eq slot free for a shaman decoration or adjutant rib... also magic stone for grudge orb if you can afford it. theres a decent amount of content that will give you a giant middle finger if your poison level is unacceptable.

    another possibility is to get together a bunch of proc legendaries (and/or nature gaurdian epics you come across) because snake stance is great for activating procs.

    for swap just get an 85 halidom claw. gives +1 to apply poison and deadly poison (both snapshot) and is a higher item quality than tainted crap. its better... ideally you want incomplete infinity gauntlets for swap though. everywhere else, the double taint is great unless you got a piece that gives +1 to apply poison (sea god pants, quest ring from ghent, legendary bracelet, etc)... also emperor's secret book for sub-eq gives +2 deadly blood (+8% poison).
    Quick question, which is better for venom mine fbrawler. Blood of Holocaust, Scarred Nail, or Source of all Diseases? Going to assume Blood of Holocaust but if the other claws are better what would be the reason o:
    Some folks would say blood of holocaust is the best, but i would personally vote for scarred nail. poison (and bleed to a much smaller extent) make up a huge portion of your damage. the scarred nail striking stats are not too far behind holocaust anyways -- about 5% attack damage and 5% crit damage. even in a heavy magic % build, the venom mines themselves also have huge poison damage... just like the status sub EQs are better for you than an elemental magic stone, dont underestimate the poison damage.

    also remember the claw mastery attack damage boost is only helping % skills. fixed and status damage is completely untouched by that. junk spin is also a huge source of damage for venom mine brawler.....
    Anyone got any tips on doing resh? I do absolutely no damage to boss. And fuck Duke:
    ---Use toy of sparkling world on the duke fight so he doesn't just insta kill you with your own status damage~ As for Deleezie it's super status resistant and also make sure you know the gimmicks of the fight, 2 ele's would make your life easier, and I guess abuse heaven's nets damage bonus? Other than that not much other advice I can give Resh is just a nightmare for brawlers o wo
    ---Pretty ironic that one of the few classes that might actually care about the gear from resh just has the most brutal journey through it.
    Anyways, duke you want to use a sparking toy to make you immune to status effects.
    For delezie... depends what element you main.... but as a quick example, nen shot does light... explosive hook does fire... venom hook does shadow -- for the hooks, clip the little blobs and let the explosion hit delezie. so you got plenty of options to change his reflect element.

    To elaborate on specific card names
    to look out for
    Physical attack: Essence/EX Giant Nugol (45) is the best you can get, but obviously rare and costs a pretty penny. A generally affordable alternative until then is Bathural (15) or Machine-arm Warjack (18)
    Shoulder: Kane card (4-9 p.crit)
    Belt/Shoes: Trade golden magatamas in Suju for them (3 p.crit)
    -Fire: Arsonist Bentinck (9), Admiral Von Beornan (11), Essence Hyper Mecha Tau (20)
    -Water: Quong'qng (8), Frost Witch Heen (11-15)
    -Light: Aracloso (6-8), Light Knight (6-9), Michael (11), Petrilisk (12-15), Nerbe (18-19)
    -Shadow: Deliberate Dingo/Quiet Humphrey (6-7), Skull Kane (9), Chief Sas (10), Evil Sword Aphophis (12-15), Kres (20)
    -All: Hyena Kief (6-7), Enchantress Namak (8-9), Red Flame Hexos (10)
    Sub Equip: Luminous Anodron (12 p.atk), Anton bead (34? p.atk)
    Magic Stone: Kulundal Red Bead (+5 all element)
    Crit Buff Swap Info:
    Pretty sure this has been asked but what is the ideal buff swap gear? would assume 6pc Ms. Fundamental with +skills in sentiment though someone please correct me on this:
    • sentimental de fer critical for all of these: Legacy top, GT pants, Tao title, rare avatar top + 2 platinums, high-tech ring, pet (f slayer/behemoth/dopple ganger), Masamune, and silver watch (that's a total of +12, but senti max level is 20, so you can do without the TAO title if you're lucky). Every other slot -belt, shoes, shoulder, magic stone, bracelet, and necklace - should be ms fundamentals.