Forum Rules

Forum Warnings/Rule Violations
Warnings/Infractions are simply just a friendly reminder to stop and reform, temp/perma bans can be given without notice.

1. No flaming, flamebaiting, trolling, or insulting other members.

-The pvp section is not the place to challenge or call out other members.
-Rating privileges can be removed if found to be used to harass other users; this is up to a moderator's discretion.

**Keep in mind ratings have no value they are just an expression, however don't abuse them for for nefarious purposes."

2. No negative or disparaging remarks against any race, culture, beliefs, sexuality, gender, or nationality.
Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.

3. No spamming.
Spamming is posting messages with no real content in them, or off-topic posts. These posts are often one-liners, and will be deleted. Please ask yourself if your message contributes to the thread or is constructive before you post it. Spamming images or image macros falls under this category, and so do PMs and visitor messages.
Exceptions: The Lounge

4. No thread derailing.
Thread derailing is the act of trying to steer a thread off-topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject of the original post.
Exceptions: The Lounge

5. Do not double post or create duplicate threads.
The edit button is there for a reason! Use it. If for some reason you accidentally double post, delete it or report it so an admin/moderator may delete it for you. If you accidentally post in the wrong section, report it and an admin/moderator will move it.

Exceptions: Use your discretion. Say you have a thread in a class discussion and you post something today. A day or so passes and nobody posts in that thread, but then you find something else that you want to post to start up a discussion, so you post again.

6. No advertising products, referral links, or alternate DFO related fansites via threads, posts, private messages, and signatures.
This includes referral URLs and advertising in signatures. Please report bots, they will be permabanned.

7. Do not post links to hacks/how to hack/screenshots of yourself hacking.
This would include "cheating mods" that remove blind status effects for example.

8. Do not create threads in the wrong section.
This seems like it's a no brainer, but we have to move a TON of threads every day. Questions go in Questions & Answers. DnF threads go in the Other Versions subforum. Off-Topic Discussion is for DISCUSSION threads, not for "hey guys I'm eating ice cream right now".

9. No backseat moderation.
Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules. Backseat moderating is annoying and pointless, as posting "this thread is in the wrong section!!" does not help alert moderators that the thread is in the wrong section. Use the report button instead. This also includes posts like "___ should be banned from the forums".

10. No pornographic content.
This includes threads, posts, images, videos & links, game mods, etc.
That also means no cropped porn either.

11. Do not link to sites that may cause harm to another user's computer.

12. No sharing or posting links or files pertaining to piracy of any kind.

13. No hotlinking images from sites where permission has not been allowed.

14. No transactions involving cash shop/virtual game currency/services or any other real life item is allowed.
This rule is in place as one cannot be scammed via the trade system ( ex; selling an item in the marketplace section) but you can with cera or a type of service.

** Game gift cards, anton sell parties are also not allowed.

** The only exception to this rule are art commissions.

15. Keep Custom User Titles appropriate.
If you are unsure whether or not a custom title you want to use is appropriate, please PM a moderator or admin.

16. Do not create alternate accounts or ban dodge.
Wait out your ban.

17. Do not abuse font colors/sizes.
Font colors and sizes exist to allow you to give a little bit of flavor to your posts. However, this doesn't mean you should post in size 7 font in multiple colors, or size 1 font in yellow. It's hard to read and obnoxious.

18. Do not abuse the report function.

19. Bans and infractions
If you have any questions about an infraction/warning message a staff member however if it's regarding a ban (unbans for example) send an email to Kogyaru using the contact us form.

Any issues site related should only be taken through PM's no threads are to be made, posting about it is unacceptable.

The Report Button
Feel free to report someone if you feel any of these rules are being violated.

The DFO Nexus Staff

Updated as of 10-10-2016.